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Application status and development direction of household water purifier filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-25
As the water purifier gradually enters people's lives, the function of its core accessory filter element does not need too many words. According to the survey, many consumers have two misunderstandings when purchasing water purifiers. One is that the more filter elements, the better, and the other is that the water purifier filter elements can be used for a long time. However, according to experts, the price of a water purifier with more filter elements will increase accordingly. If it cannot be selected according to actual needs, it will increase the cost and cause problems such as unsatisfactory purification effect. In addition, the price and use time of different brands of water purifier filter elements are also different, so you should understand clearly when purchasing. At present, under the condition that the main types of filter elements are fixed, the working mode of the water purifier is basically fixed. The main material of the water purifier filter element is reverse osmosis membrane or activated carbon. According to statistics, Korean-style filter elements are currently the mainstream products in the market, occupying a large market share. Many manufacturers have mature production technology and a large amount of capital, which must be converted into economic benefits through these advantageous conditions. At the same time, the fierce market competition also makes manufacturers try their best to reduce production costs in order to promote them in a large area. People's requirements for performance are getting higher and higher. People hope that the water purifier filter element has filtration capacity, large flux, low energy consumption and long service life. Of course, the price should be appropriate. For example, there is currently a large flux hydrophilic membrane filter element. It is to meet this requirement that it appeared. The gradual intelligentization of the water purifier will also enable the filter element to have many intelligent functions, such as detecting the use cycle and life of the filter element through a simple chip, and intelligent reminders and other functions.
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