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are reverse osmosis water filter systems really the best choice?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
I have written a lot about the shortcomings of the reverse osmosis water filter system, but recently I have written a real
Life experience makes me more convinced that reverse osmosis is not the best option for anyone.
We were on holiday at a home on the island with a slightly salty water well.
To solve this problem, the homeowner installed the reverse osmosis water filter system.
It\'s been the only option for years, but today, thankfully, there\'s a choice.
The water in the kitchen is not drinkable and is not suitable for making coffee, and even dogs can\'t drink too much \"visible\" sediment.
That week, we spent about a hundred dollars on a couple of boxes of bottled water for cooking and drinking.
The reverse osmosis process continues in the basement of the house, but it is clear that it is not operating properly.
It is close enough to the bedroom to \"hear \".
It makes the biggest noise you can imagine, and from the \"outside\" it looks like a relatively new system.
This is some of the common complaints of reverse osmosis treatment.
They are very noisy and easy to crash.
They depend on a porous film that is delicate and easy to tear.
The system that effectively removes \"salt\" must contain many membrane and pre-filtration steps to protect the film and prevent membrane tearing.
It is clear that this homeowner has chosen a less expensive reverse osmosis water filter system with insufficient pre-treatment precipitation filtration.
In cases where RO is needed, other steps are always required.
The membrane does not remove chemical contaminants in the water or anything \"dissolved.
They do not kill bacteria;
In fact, they may be the source of bacterial contamination as they grow in the pores of the membrane.
You need to \"design\" a complete system based on the contaminants you have to deal.
However, if you are serving by a public processing facility, there is no need for reverse osmosis treatment.
New products for GE and Ever
Pure is designed for homeowners who serve public facilities.
I find it annoying because everyone knows that there is no need for reverse osmosis water filter system for public water supply at home.
This step has been performed in the facility.
What you need is points.
Micron Filtration to remove parasites (cysts)
Resistant to chemical disinfectants.
What you need is to remove the granular carbon and many of these chemicals.
Media adsorption blocks removed by chemical disinfection products.
Reverse osmosis treatment is often recommended to reduce lead, but the system will only reduce heavy metals to \"federal action levels \".
This is not enough.
Ion exchange removes more than 99% of lead and protects you from chronic health problems caused by consumption.
Affordable equipment including all these steps is available.
Before you buy, you just need to check the product performance data for cost and pollutant removal.
You don\'t need a reverse osmosis water filter system and I suggest you choose another option.
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