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are reverse osmosis water units better than water filters

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Which is better to give you purified water, reverse osmosis water unit or water filter system?
It depends on who you talk.
But the water filter is the best if you want to go through research and statistics.
Let me give you both sides of the argument and you can decide.
The reverse osmosis system removes all minerals from the water through them.
So that the salt water is removed.
Something very negative happens when you drink water that is deprived of natural minerals.
In addition to salt water, there is more hydrogen, and the pH value is below 7 to make it acidic.
Whenever you take in acidic substances, your body extracts minerals from your teeth and bones, producing bicarbonate to neutralize acid.
It seems that this is not enough, and it has been shown that when body fluids are more acidic than alkaline, the production of free radicals increases and increases the risk of cancer.
On the other hand, the filtered water filters out the contaminants, but leaves a natural trace of minerals.
You can\'t find natural saline removal anywhere on Earth.
In nature, water contains traces of natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Your body needs these minerals in order to stay healthy.
It turns out that the healthiest water is produced by selective filtration products.
These are filter products that can remove contaminants and leave minerals.
The reverse osmosis system does not.
The filter purification system filters water when water passes through the filter.
You lose very little water
The reverse osmosis water unit wastes a lot of water, thus wasting money.
They only recycle 5 to 15% of the water in the system.
The rest is waste water.
It carries the rejected contaminants.
Waste water is usually discharged through the house drain pipe and will increase the load on the home septic tank system.
Reverse osmosis systems that deliver 5 gallons of treated water per day may discharge 25 gallons of wastewater into septic tank systems per day.
Make these systems more expensive to run.
If you pay for your water and sewer, your water fee will rise.
The reverse osmosis system requires electricity to run, so your electricity bill will also rise.
The water filter system cannot operate on electricity.
They are more cost-effective.
Another big problem with reverse osmosis water devices is that they don\'t remove anything.
They remove minerals, but they do not remove chemical contaminants.
Chemical pollution is one of the biggest problems we face.
Thousands of carcinogenic chemicals were found in tap water.
They also do not remove bacteria.
From a health perspective, this is one of the biggest drawbacks of the reverse osmosis system.
If you compare the facts, the water filtration system wins every problem than the reverse osmosis water unit.
Anyone told which system to buy will find this a simple option.
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