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are you ready to buy a water filter for your home? how to make the right choice - part two

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The mid-range water filtration idea in your home will allow you to get into the water on demand, not the tank design that \"fills Yourself Up.
The water filtered on demand is much more convenient than having to constantly replenish the water filter.
If you read the first part of this series, you will read the filter options that cost less than $100.
If you are willing to spend a little more money, under the sink filter, the water can be cleaned deeper due to the larger cartridge that can be installed under the sink.
The problem with your purchase decision is: 1)
How much filtering do you want to complete?
Under the sink filter, go to the \"stage \".
Represents each stage of a different or additional filter type.
There are several different options for these units. 2)
How many rooms are there under your sink?
I asked this question because I saw many houses with very limited space there.
This is especially true if you have a disposal and dishwasher that takes up most of the space under the sink.
Because each \"stage\" is a new tank of one kind or another, you also have to increase the space when you increase the filtering.
If you need to add space to the pressure reserve tank after Super purification with RO filter, the pressure reserve tank can also be as large as the filter unit itself.
Reverse osmosis water is produced at very slow drops, which are too slow for direct connection to the tap.
For this reason, you need 4-
5 gallon pressure tank.
The biggest problem with RO is the water wasted in production.
Most units use 2-
It takes 4 gallons to make a gallon of pure water.
If this is your problem, please look at the manufacturer\'s claim before purchasing.
There are several brands of zero waste, but they are more expensive because they need an electric pump to create better working pressure for RO filters.
These high-end filters come with Polish filters to add some minerals to the water.
Because all the impurities are removed, the taste after purification is very rough.
Water is more aggressive and many people don\'t like the feeling in their mouths.
Polishing water with a small amount of minerals is smoother because water molecules are not looking for a companion that can be attached.
If you are willing to spend $200 to $300, you will be very happy with the results.
Even if impurities in tap water don\'t bother you, you and your family will be surprised by the smell of filtered water.
Delicious water will make you drink more water, which is healthier for your body and wallet.
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