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Arrange delivery for customers in ningxia

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
On October 6, 2019, ningxia customers to our company on-the-spot investigation on and high quality products and services, strong company qualification and reputation, good prospects for the development of the industry, is one of the important reasons to attract the customers visit. Company general manager on behalf of the company in ningxia, welcome the arrival of the customer, and arrange the detailed reception work. Accompanied by the head of each department, ningxia customers visit the company's production workshop, under the guidance of relevant technical staff, customer site for trial operation, good performance of equipment to make the customer pay homage! Various problems for customers, the company leadership and related staff to make careful answer, rich professional knowledge and ability to work well, also for the customer left a deep impression.
accompanying officials detailed introduces the main equipment of the production process and equipment of the scope of use, use effect and related knowledge. After the visit, the company responsible for the company's current development situation, and the technology improvement, equipment sales case and so on has carried on the detailed introduction. Customers to the company a good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and harmonious working atmosphere, hard-working staff left a deep impression, and with the company top for the future cooperation of both sides discussed, finally put down the big traffic order 1300.

after ten days of the production process, 1300 heavy traffic finally folded filter production is completed, and loading goods today, after three days can be expected to qualified, high quality products to clients.
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