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austrian water filters to be featured at home and lifestyle exhibition

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
A series of innovative water filters await visitors at the perfect lift\'15 home and lifestyle exhibition.
Arena Sdn Bhd will showcase Austrian brand BWT water filters and water treatment products in three projects
Day exhibition to be held at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre (Persada)
Johor March 6-8.
Patrick Tan, sales manager of the company, said E1-
The lever filter is the highlight.
\"The sediment filter has a band with a super
The fine net removes impurities at the entrance point.
\"Simply loosen the locking device that the water supply will automatically turn off, raise the lever and insert a new cartridge, and the cartridge is easily replaced.
\"It\'s very simple and convenient,\" he said . \"
Beyond Arena will also occupy eight stalls to present the BWT hot water dispenser in a perfect way for the first time.
Tan said the company plans to launch the product at the exhibition with the goal of highrise dwellers.
\"The dispenser is perfect for families with limited space,\" he said . \".
Visitors can also visit Austria-made b-
High-intensity full-spectrum infrared health cabin with more users-
Friendly interface for local needs. The b-
A strong infrared sauna can promote blood circulation in spinal muscle tissue, relieve tension in the neck and spine, regulate metabolism, purify and detoxify, and provide effective stress relief, etc.
Yong Aun, the company\'s sales director, said he was confident that the first perfect display of the product, held in Johor this year, would attract a large number of buyers.
\"Many real estate development projects are underway in Johor.
\"The exhibition also attracted tourists from Singapore,\" he said . \" Other products on display include Jason\'s microfilament bathtub and Jacuzzi outdoor spa, he added.
The first 1,000 registered visitors will leave each day with an exclusive limited edition küchentimer kitchen timer.
The exhibition is open from eleven o\'clock A. M. to nine o\'clock P. M.
Free admission.
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