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Automatic dosing device

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Characteristics of automatic dosing system
1, intelligent automatic dosing:
the intelligent control system on-line instrument measured water quality data and compare the preset standard constantly, if measured data with the preset value deviation, then open the dosing dosing pump, after water quality indexes, after returning to normal closed stop dosing dosing pump. The advantages of intelligent automatic dosing: avoid artificial additive, uniform and accurate measurement, dosing no lag in time. Source water treatment filter specializing in the production of various kinds of automatic dosing system, full automatic control.
2, on-line automatic detection:
dosing system equipped with online instrument can timely detect the water quality indexes, intuitively reflect the water quality stand or fall, conducive to the maintenance staff to grasp water quality dynamic in time.
automatic dosing device system main component 1, full automatic intelligent control system 2, 3 diaphragm metering pump, dosing barrels of monitoring instrument online of 4, fouling resistance ( Choose) 5, conductivity of online monitoring instrument online of water quality parameters of control instrument monitoring instrument online of PH ( Choose) Drug concentration monitor ( Choose) Corrosion of real-time online monitor, electromagnetic drain valve (6 Choose) 7, pulse flow meter ( Choose)
automatic dosing system technical specifications
1, the electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pump:
when the system under the conductivity is lower than the set value, intelligent control cabinet control dosing dosing pump, until the conductivity on the recovery value, intelligent control cabinet control dosing pump stop dosing.
product performance is stable, uniform and accurate dosing, dosage and output pressure can be adjusted according to actual needs.
2, intelligent electrical conductivity online control instrument:
the water that is used in the circulating water system are municipal tap water, the factory has a basic fixed conductivity value of circulating water system at run time to evaporate concentration, its conductivity value will continue to increase, high electrical conductivity is dangerous for circulating water system. Evaporation and concentration degree of conductivity can be used to reflect the circulating water system, circulating water after the operation of electrical conductivity values divided by the municipal tap water conductivity is enrichment ratio is worth to dealer. So the effective control of the electrical conductivity of circulating water system is very important.
conductivity meter in the circulating water system function is through the control and regulation of circulating water system of the electrical conductivity of size to achieve the purpose of enrichment ratio control of circulating water system. First preset conductivity of upper limit and lower limit, when the electrical conductivity of the circulating water system is higher than set highs, circulating water system at this time should be for drainage, reduce the concentration ratio of circulating water, at the same time indicated on the synchronized, intelligent controller gives the signal to close suspension dosing dosing pump; When under the influence of the circulating water system of the electric conductivity is lower than the set time limit, the circulating water system should be shut down at this time, the outlet of the intelligent control cabinet gives the signal to open the dosing dosing pump, the size of the dosage can be adjusted by electric conductivity controller and correction.
3, low liquid level alarm device:
dosing system of the tank volume is fixed, and dosing time and dosage is not affirmatory, on duty engineer unable to accurately grasp the medicine barrels of allowance and timely supplement. Agents in the finish after a period of time will be added, and the dosing pump and no power, no drug dosing pump will appear empty phenomenon, if the dosing pump for a long time no medicine will play an empty burn-off dosing pump motor, the control of the dosing pump is damaged, affect the normal dosing system.
the role of low liquid level alarm device is when medicine barrels reagent room close to the limit value, alarm indicator, and inform the duty engineer added into the medicine barrels of potions, so as to avoid the occurrence of the above situation.
4, intelligent control system:
the dosing system of the brain and control command center, to coordinate the work of components of the whole system.
1) Dosing system, online control dosing pump to open and close;
2) , online detection and control the electrical conductivity of circulating water system;
3) Dosing system, online control medicine barrels of allowance, when there is a low level alarm signal;
4) Hydrating, on-line coordination system, drainage system, dosing, the role of the liquid level alarm device relations.
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