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Automatic dosing security considerations

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Our company specializing in the production of various dosing devices, a qualitative quantitative dosing dosing and two.
automatic dosing device is optimization of circulating water system of chemical water treatment equipment. Its principle is through the online detection system, automatic dosing system to control the circulating water system of chemical medicine dose delivery, effectively prevent the fouling in the circulating water system, corrosion and bacterium and algae biological loam and, problems.
dosing system control mode are divided into: manual control, automatic control, automatic control is divided into time level control, PH control, electrical conductivity, corrosion online monitoring control, reagent concentration on-line monitoring control and so on a variety of different control mode, how to choose suitable control method mainly depends on the scene of the user requirements, different water bodies not drug use control mode are different, so everyone at the time of purchase must ask design technology of the above requirements, or you may work well.
dosing device check: before starting the
1. Check all the pipes, the valve is in normal working condition.
2。 Check the dosing equipment dose pump, mixer in normal working condition.
3。 Check the normal work of the electrical equipment body.
dosing device is composed of three parts, 1. 2 electric blender. The solution tank. 3. Metering device and dosing equipment and connecting pipe valve parts, etc.
1。 Mixer: consists of mixing machine and mixing plant, its role is to make to adding the solute and water ( Solvent) According to certain proportion after fully mixing.
2。 Solution tank: used to store has stirred solution, set up for cast aside.
3。 Metering device and dosing equipment, metering pumps dosing solution measure.
the structure characteristics of the dosing device introduction:
1, highly integrated integration equipment.
2, equipment, small volume, simple operation, easy installation, on-site installation is only water and power supply connection.
3, work safety and reliability, low maintenance workload.
4, corrosion resistance, good contact with the medium are all made of engineering plastic material.
teachs you the method of installation of dosing device:
first of all, you should check the dosing devices foundation platform is at the same level ( Do not need to install the anchor bolt) Head, pump fluid outlet threaded connection, fast connection, flange connection, the corresponding joint connected, connect the power supply.
good preparation before operation, metering pump driving into the right amount of the L - in the box And L - CKE460 worm gear oil CKC460 industrial closed gear oil, the oil level shall prevail. Automatic or manual filling liquid medicine, according to the power supply, electric control cabinet, power indicator indicates power on. Press the mixing tank button, mixer 3 - to get started After 5 minutes, open the pipeline valve, open the flow control valve, press the metering pump start button, metering pump set to work.
for dosing system, you need to regularly check whether the metering pump inlet is blocked, the pipeline, filters regularly clean, jam in case. And regular inspection device, check to see if the stirring shaft flexible rotation, whether twisted impeller, shaft sleeve is loose, so as to avoid excessive shaft torque, mixing power consumption. Damaged the change should be timely.
dosing system, regularly for safety valve, pressure gauge and the pipeline valve inspection, so as to avoid leakage incident. Using the pump or pump more dosing should be used alternately, avoid long-term enable or disable the same pump.
dosing device used in raw water, water, boiler water, in addition to salt water, such as water treatment system, thermal system by tracing the change of water quality, chemical solution dosing pump automatically adding water system, make the system water vapor quality in good condition, ensure the safe operation of the unit.
automatic dosing device is a commonly used equipment, circulating cooling water is also used for water purification, sewage filter processing, water-recovery equipment, generally used in mechanical filter, quartz sand filter, medium filter in front of, or in the tank as a pretreatment, many also used in the ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, etc. , widely used.
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