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Automatic water softener equipment technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Filter the source automatic soft water equipment, water hardness is mainly composed of the cationic: calcium ( Ca2+) , magnesium, Mg2+) Ion. When the hardness of raw water by exchange resin layer, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water by resin absorption, at the same time release sodium ions, this switch is to remove the flow of water in the softening of water hardness ions, when the resin absorption of calcium and magnesium ions after reaching a certain degree of saturation, increase the hardness of water, the water softener will be carried out in accordance with the scheduled program automatic failure of the resin regeneration, with relatively high concentrations of sodium chloride solution ( Salt water) Through resin, to restore failure of the resin to sodium to resin.

filter source automatic soft water equipment technical characteristics

1, a high degree of automation, stable working condition of the water supply, long service life. Fully automatic, only regular salt, without human intervention.
2, high efficiency and low energy consumption, low operating cost. Due to water softener overall design is reasonable, the exchange capacity of the resin are fully play, the energy consumption indexes of with the device itself obviously lower than the general softened water equipment, automatic control equipment do not need professional operators, all of this brings a lot of convenience to users, and produce good economic benefit.
3, equipment structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, without special equipment foundation, the concrete surface can be placed to.
4, simple to use, installation, commissioning, operation simple, easy to control unit performance is stable, can remove the user's worries.
5, corrosion resistance, resistance to pollution, lead-free brass valves, lined with the exchange of non-toxic PE plastic cans, PE plastic salt boxes, these are enough to ensure that the equipment corrosion resistance, resistance to pollution, non-toxic, tasteless and harmless of the excellent performance.

filter source automatic soft water equipment specifications:
1, the feed water pressure: 0. 25 - 0. 45 mpa, best to 0. 3MPa;
2, water hardness: 6 or less. 5mmol/L( If the raw water hardness than the index, it is necessary to redesign) ;
3, water hardness: 0 or less. 03mmol/L;
4, raw water temperature: 2 - 50℃;
5, power supply: AC22DV 50 hz, power 10 - 50 w;
6, resin type: 00 lx7 strong acidic cation resin ( Optional imports, domestic brand) ;
7, the valve body material: high strength plastic or brass;
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