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Automatic water softener for stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic water softener is analysed

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Fully-automatic water softener is a common softened water equipment, mainly used in boiler water softener, soft water for cooling water and food, chemical industry, electronics, printing and dyeing textile and so on all walks of life, is extremely widely used in water treatment equipment.
as we all know, commonly used water softener has on the market of 304 stainless steel material and glass fiber reinforced plastic material, for the user, they each have advantages and disadvantages: 304 stainless steel material water softener are relatively expensive, but in softening resin with convenient, my company production of stainless steel automatic softener belt feeding port and discharging port, change the resin don't need to remove the water automatic control valves, piping, and cloth, if years of running water softener, because plastic ageing and regenerated salt corrosion, remove the pipes, valves, water distribution device is easy to damage the joints, fittings such as water, may cause the cost of a larger. So our company production water softener are equipped with nearly discharging mouth, great convenience to replace resin, and the glass fiber reinforced plastic water softener biggest advantage is cheap, only a third of the price of stainless steel tank water softener, but no matter from appearance and service life, will not have the same class stainless steel water softener. So in the long run, stainless steel demineralized water equipment is good, also is very convenient.
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