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Automatic water softener to soften boiler water equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Water softener often used along with the sintered filter. Is mostly used in the equipment used for environmental protection water treatment industry demineralized water descaling, etc. , in combination with the practical situation of the domestic market development of automatic ion exchange softening water equipment. Fusion domestic advanced manufacture craft and technology, the resin tank is made of high quality glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel and carbon steel lining plastic anti-corrosion materials. Equipment quality is excellent, stable and reliable performance, realize the automatic operation, softened water equipment without of personnel management. Price performance ratio is higher than the domestic similar products. Widely used in all parts of the country, the result is good.

the equipment is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, light industry, textile, food hygiene, hotels and other industrial and civil system of boiler, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.

1, the technical parameters of the

raw water hardness: 8 or less tendency for L working environment temperature: 5 ℃ to 50 ℃

the water hardness: 0 or less. 03 mmlo/L working environment temperature: 95% ( 25) ℃

entrance pressure: 0 or less. 2MPa- 0. 5 mpa working environment temperature: 220 v + 22 v / 50 hz

: water temperature 5 ℃ - 45 ℃ resin model: strong acid type cation exchange resin

free oxygen: 0 or less. 3 mg/L regeneration control: downstream timing, quantitative

suspended matter: & lt; 5 mg/L interface forms: thread or ABS flange

iron content: & lt; 0. 3 mg/L

2, technical characteristics,

the microprocessor control equipment, automatic water supply, backwash, vacuum salt, regeneration, is washing process, which can realize unmanned management.

can timing, automatic constant flow regeneration, to ensure the production quality of demineralized water.

integration exchange of soft water tank and control valve, save installation space, further improve the operation reliability.

can automatically dissolved salt, automatic vacuum salt, automatically adjust the salt fluid level, ensure the automatic regeneration in a reliable way.

can provide vats uniform flow, to ensure the efficient use of resin, prevent loss of resin.

avoid regenerant and bad environment of equipment corrosion.

for personal use, water & lt; Water rate of 2%, salt consumption & lt; 100 g/tendency, and 10 w - power consumption 40 w, power consumption is equivalent to 1% of the general demineralized water equipment

optional, single pot, pot system; Time flow control mode; Use a case, alternate regeneration operation mode.

3, selection of

( 1) According to actual situation to choose equipment model

raw water hardness of 6 or less tendency for L, can be listed in the table according to the largest selection of water rate.

raw water hardness 8 or less tendency for L, can be listed in the table according to the type selection of minimum water rate.

raw water hardness 8 or less tendency for L, recommended two to soften.

  ( 2) When water regularity is strong, can use the time control mode

when the irregular water and under the condition of raw water quality is poorer, using flow control

also can be used at the same time traffic control mode, namely after reaching the softened water still need to set the time, began to regeneration when users need to be super quantitative increase regeneration frequency water conditions, can be used to select the function of manual controller
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