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backpacking water filters: portable water purifiers for hiking and camping

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The difference between a negative filter and a portable water purifier: in foreign countries, even in the desolate areas of their own country, a negative filter is a must.
Since you can\'t carry all the weight of all the water you need for a long trip, portable purification is a must.
But to put it simply, what\'s the difference between the filter and the purifier, the filter removes parasites, protozoans, and some bacteria, while the purifier removes all these things plus 99.
According to the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency, 9% of all viruses are viruses.
Easy camping water purification iodine and chlorine forest tablets: the most convenient and lightweight water purification system available is to simply carry iodine or chlorine tablets into suspicious water before consumption.
However, these pills change the color and taste of the water that most people are not satisfied.
Also, it does not remove any dirt or sediment that is still unclean for many people from the water.
As a result, most backpackers carry compact water filters and purifiers to get fresh drinking water every day.
Features of the water filter: filter size-
The function that best affects your daily interaction with portable water purifiers is the size and weight of the device.
When you are abroad, it will press on your backpack and how much space it takes up, which is very important for you. Filter Type -
There are several types of Camping filters, from pumping mechanisms to gravity-driven drip systems to battery-driven UV rays that kill bacteria and viruses.
Popular pump systems such as Katadyn Vario Dual are made of ceramic filters and some are made of carbon filters.
Ceramic filters are faster, but heavier, and easily broken, while carbon filters are lighter, but more expensive to replace.
There are many forms of UV power purifiers, some built into other pump filters, and others can be as small as a pen.
The advantage of UV purification is that the speed is fast and the effect is best, the disadvantage is that no sediment or particles are removed, and the spare battery must be carried as a spare battery. Filter Cost -
Depending on the weight, filter type and effectiveness, the price of a backpacker\'s water filter can go from $10 to $600 or more.
It is important to keep in mind that you cannot forget the cost of the system replacing the filter, not just the upfront cost.
Just because portable water purifiers are cheaper in the early stage does not mean that owning it is the cheapest in the long run.
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