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Stainless steel bag filter housing structure and working principle


Bag filter is a pressure type filter device, which mainly consists of a housing body, a housing head cover and a quick opening mechanism, and a metal reinforcement inner net.

The filtration liquid flows into the filter bag from the side inlet of the filter housing. The filter bag itself installs in the reinforced basket. The liquid is permeated through the filter bag of different pore size to obtain a qualified filtrate, and the impurity particles intercept by the filter bag.

Bag filter has many Features such as reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation, and easy operation. In particular, the side leakage rate of the filter bag is small, the filtration accuracy can be correctly ensured, and the filter bag can be quickly changed, and no material consumption, so that the operation cost is lowered.

The inner and outer surfaces of the filter can be mechanically blasted or polished to remove surface oxide scales, burrs, etc. of mechanical equipment or parts, and have the effects of enhancing surface stress and matte effect.

The filtering is side entry and side-out way, or a side entry and bottom-out method, and the filtering liquid medium is pressed or drawn into the bag filter barrel through the pressure in the pipe, which filtering is performed. The liquid medium is filtered by the filter bag supported by the filter basket and intercepted by the filter bag, and then released from the outlet of the filter. The inlet and outlet design of the bag filter generally adopts a side-entry and bottom-out mode for easy cleaning.

Guangzhou Lvyuan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. also provides users with 1-200 micron filter bags, and pp/ptfe/pe/nylon filter bags, which can be applied to different filter liquids. To find out more, you can send an email to info@lyfilter.com.

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