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Bag filter principle and the manufacturer manufacturing is introduced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-25
A, bag filter principle
abbreviation for bag filter, bag filter bag filter is a new type of filtration system, internal supported by gauze basket filter bag, filter liquid by inlet flow into, from exports, after filter bag filter impurities were intercepted in the filter bag, can continue to use after replacement of filter bag. Through the filter bag, under the action of pressure, the liquid through the filter bag, by the pollutant trapped and trapped within the filter bag filter residue in filter bag, the filtrate out along the metal support a basket with netting on top wall, so as to achieve the purpose of the filter. Often set after the pressure filter, bag filter is used to remove tiny particles in the liquid, to meet the demand of the subsequent process of water. Bag filter is often as electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration device precision filter is used.
2, bag filter structure: filter vessel, bearing a basket with netting on top and filter bags. When using bag filter liquid, the liquid from the filter container sides or below into the liquid into the mouth, by the above support on top of the filter bag into the filter bag, filter bag because of the liquid impaction and homogeneous pressure side, make the liquid material is evenly distributed throughout the filter bag surface, through the filter bag liquid along the metal support a basket with netting on top of walls, and by the filter at the bottom of the discharge of liquid. Filter out the impurity particles trapped in the filter bag, complete the filtration process.
3, the bag filter characteristics: this machine change the filter bag is very convenient, and no material consumption basic filtration. This machine is designed to filter, double filter, and can form a complete set of pump assembly on the mobile cart. Filter filter bag protection network are made of stainless steel, the other parts have two kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel, used for filtering the user to select different media.
our company advantages, bag filter bag filter is a kind of novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, flow capacity is strong, easy to operate, and many other advantages, wide application range, strong adaptability of multipurpose filtering equipment. Especially the small probability filter bag sliding sideways, to be able to guarantee the filtration precision, and can quickly change the filter bag, filter the basic no material consumption, reduce operating costs. Apply to dye, printing ink and paint, adhesive, resin oil liquid fine filtration products, chemical and other industries. Filter fineness on the filter bag, middle does not need to sample the reinspection, and can form a complete set of pump assembly on the mobile cart, to move to any production line filters.
4, bag filter, scope of application: applicable to oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, paint, food and beverage, chemical fiber, solid-liquid precise filtration of wastewater. And normally, in order to keep clear of bag filter efficiency and filtering precision, and ensure that no pollution to the downstream liquid, run after a period of time should stop, open the filter cover, remove the intercept objects with filter bag, replace the new filter bag, replacement cycle depends on the actual situation.
4, selection of bag filter

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