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Basket filter selections

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
A filter is introduced
basket, basket type filter is also known as: filters or hair hair collector, according to the open means can be divided for bolt type and quick open open means, bolt type open means structure is compact, sealed performance is good, quick open open way open convenient, easy to use, to save and create the superior condition. Basket filters to remove the hair and used for the first time in the water pipe of garbage into the water pump and filters. Commonly used in swimming pools and sewage treatment, basket filters with jiang, river, lake, basket strainer installed in front of the pump suction. Basket filter to remove the water grass and floater, protect the normal operation of pump.
2, basket filter principle
basket filters, medium by imported into the screen inside, after mesh filter into the mesh of the lateral, the export into the piping system. When basket filters use after a certain period of time because of the dirt jam book resistance increases, then you need to open the aggregator block, remove the filter cartridge inside clean, and then continue to use.
3, basket filter technology performance requirements
1, basket strainer lid must be set exhaust valve. In the top basket filter should be set up to observe hole.
2, design pressure not less than 1 of work pressure. Five times the test pressure is not less than the design pressure of 1. 5 times.
3, the sum of the perforation area should be not less than 2 of connection pipe cross-sectional area. 0 times, filtering cylinder hole diameter, appropriate USES 3 ~ 4 mm, such as filter appropriate USES 10 to 15 orders.
4, basket filter structure should be simple, reliable and flexible loading and unloading, easy unpick and wash, good sealing.
5, basket filter in and out of the gate size should be consistent.
4, basket filter selection parameter

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