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Bless our filters can drift Wright

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Drift Wright is the largest one of the most high quality ion exchange resin manufacturers, our company has production for drift Wright company for three batches of filters and ion exchange resin tanks, including zhejiang deqing sand filter factory 2 sets of 3200 mm, the second batch of drift Wright Romania factory with sand filter, this also for zhejiang deqing factory two 3200 mm and 1600 mm 2 ion exchanger.
after drift Wright staff own thickness gauge field measurements, such as filters and the thickness of the ion exchange in the normal range, and reviewed the internal water distribution device, plate thickness, direct filter seam smoothness, etc. , have done detailed records.

filters and ion exchanger internal stainless steel water tank cap cloth water
we attentively complete filter production is our duty and obligation, we successively for faw Volkswagen, ford, Mazda car factory and many public water source water treatment engineering company, such as Beijing, Beijing Jin Run provide us all kinds of water treatment products, and well-known university, zhejiang university, tsinghua university, zhejiang university of technology, and so on scientific research in colleges and universities to provide equipment. More and more recognition we produced products.
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