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bobble filter review- eco friendly water filter bottle

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
I was stuck on an island with only a few items allowed and I wanted my Bobble filter water bottle.
My sister introduced me to this interesting invention, a new yoga --loving-gal.
She said everyone in her studio was drinking with this bottle.
So if everyone jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge would you be happy to follow?
She replied, yes, I have bob in my hand!
The idea of built-in filters in water bottles is interesting.
I borrowed her bottle to test it.
I went to Amazon that night and immediately ordered one of my favorite colors.
The package arrived a few days later and when I rushed to bring the package to my house I thanked my UPS staff.
I opened it and held my hand excitedly!
I can fill it up with regular tap water and then I\'m gone!
Bubble water BottleIt certification with cool function does not contain BPAfree;
Does not contain O-benzene Ester and PVC.
The function of the activated carbon filter is similar to the filter tank you already have in your home.
The filter is easy to replace, just twist one part and replace it with the new filter.
All you need to do is change the filter to use more than 200 times, which may average 4-6 months.
It is made in the United States and recyclable.
You can choose from 13 oz 18.
Red, yellow, green, black, magenta, lavender and blue are 5 ounces and 34 ounces each.
How does a small water filtration system work?
The carbohydrate filter eliminates harmful chemicals such as chlorine and toxins in tap water.
When you sip from the cap, the water passes through the filter, in which the carbon particles capture negative ions.
It meets the international standard of filtered water 42 and is very strict and some water bottles do not even cut it off. The Eco-
Using this bottle to drink a friendly filter water bottle, you take a step towards protecting the environment.
Americans spend more than $15 billion a year on water bottles.
Disposable water bottles can produce a lot of garbage, cause harm to the environment and pose a threat to everyone\'s health.
Each water bottle will eventually be landfill and will take about 2000 to break down.
If you want to be green and reduce your carbon footprint, you can start using Bobble water instead of buying plastic bottles.
Bobble water bottles could be a huge investment in the first place, but in the long run it\'s a great way to save money.
If you spend hundreds of pounds a year on bottled water, you might consider investing in this cool ecosystemFriendly Gadgets.
The bottom line is that buying water bottles can increase quickly.
Buying a bobble water bottle also means you don\'t need to buy an expensive water filter system, at least not yet.
What do I think of Bobble?
The size is perfect for me, 24 oz.
Although there are 24 ounces in the bottle, you must consider the displacement of the water filter.
I appreciate the light narrow design in the center of the bottle so it is easier to catch.
I think the Bobble water bottle looks really chic and is actually the beginning of the conversation.
There is a filter on the lid of each bottle.
It reminds me of a sport.
Style the model, you can flip the top and taste it.
When the water passes through your mouth, it passes through the filter.
My favorite place for this bottle is that I can fill it up anywhere.
I often go hiking with my dog Oakley and don\'t like to bring more than two bottles in my backpack.
I can fill it up anywhere in the gym, on the trail, or even in the office.
Although I already have an advanced water filter system at home, sometimes I forget to bring a bottle of water to the gym.
The problem has now been fixed as I can refill my Bobble at the fountain.
Better than tap water? Obviously yes.
Is it better than expensive home filtration system? No, not quite.
You are using tap water and portable equipment, which can only do so much for municipal waters.
Bobble can definitely replace 24-
Plastic bottled water cases that everyone has been buying!
I have been using this bottle to meet all my water needs.
If you buy this product in the market, buy it.
Copyright-copyright©2012 female turtle (Kim Lam)
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