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Boiler water treatment ( Boiler softened water)

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Principle of boiler water treatment to use
in the boiler water treatment is to enter the boiler feed water suspended solids, colloid content, organic matter, all kinds of dissolved salts and gas processing, and to adjust the pot of water quality, the boiler feed water and boiler water quality conforms to the standard process. Boiler water treatment in order to prevent boiler steam system scale, the salt deposition and corrosion. Boiler make-up water equipment design flow

for steam applications ( Heating or electricity) And the condensate recovery degree of different, the boiler supply water is not the same. Condensing boiler supply water generally less than 3% of the amount of evaporation, heating boiler supply water quantity can be as high as 100%.
bad quality of boiler feed water can cause: (1) on the inner wall of the boiler tube on scale; (2) steam quality deterioration in superheater and steam turbine generating sediment on flow passage; (3) boilers and water vapor channel wall metal corrosion. These consequences are directly affect the boiler heat transfer effect, reduce the efficiency of boiler, steam turbine, serious when even will cause the boiler pipe explosion accidents. Due to the scale of the heat conduction ability is only a small percentage of steel to several one percent, some low pressure boiler heating surface 1 mm thick scale deposition on fuel consumption increases by 1. 5 ~ 2. 0%. The mission of boiler water treatment is aimed at boiler furnace type, parameters, and raw water quality, according to the boiler water quality criteria to choose the appropriate methods to ensure the safe and economical operation of boilers. High parameters of large capacity power plant boiler has a high requirement on the quality of water supply. With a capacity for 1000 tons/dc boiler as an example: per kilogram of salt water contains less than 0. 05 mg for the clean water, About salt 0 per kilogram. 1 to 0. 7 g) Salt contained about one over ten thousand, or even less than medical distilled water salinity. Even so, in one year running period there will be hundreds of kilograms of salt into the boiler. Eventually, of course, to stay in is only part of the boiler. Many countries have all kinds of boiler feed water quality standards.
low pressure boiler water treatment method in conventional
low pressure boiler water treatment is mainly used in conventional water softener, water softener is a kind of operation process of ion exchange and regeneration water softener, using sodium type cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, reduce the raw water hardness. Water softener according to control points can be divided into fully automatic water softener ( Automatic softening water equipment) And manual softener, adopting water softener boiler make-up water treatment has the advantages of: 1, the equipment cost is low. 2, low operating costs. 3, simple operation and maintenance is convenient. 4, good water quality, water hardness 30 rrlmol/L or less, a residual hardness can be soften to 0 or less 03 Mr 'ol/L. 5, cover an area of an area small
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