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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
In today\'s world, it seems that people choose the water in the bottle instead of the water filter.This is why, what seems to drive people to water with plastic bottles?If people filter their own water and carry it with them, everyone (except the bottle) will have a better life.Reader\'s Digest August 2011 magazine quotes Pete Glick, author of the book bottled and selling: The story of our obsession with bottled water.
Gleick said, \"Sales of bottled water have soared from about one gallon per person per year in early 1970 to more than 30 gallons today.\"It\'s amazing, but it\'s mainly because we don\'t trust our water source today.If you do some basic search on the Internet, you can find some reasons to go with DrComments by GlickIf you\'re looking for \"The reason to drink bottled water\", most articles are the reason why you shouldn\'t drink bottled water.
Yes, you should drink a lot of water instead of bottled water.Most of these websites are devoted to the environment and personal health.For example, the website \"barefoot runner life\" states that \"hazardous chemicals-BPA are contained in plastic bottled water.
Studies have shown that BPA mimic hormones.Exposure to BPA can lead to a variety of health problems.Another problem isGleick pointed out, \"we don\'t like the taste and it\'s getting easier to find bottles while finding out that the water dispenser is getting harder and harder.
\"In the United States, you can buy bottled water at ever gas stations and convenience stores.At the same time, there are more and more public places without water dispensers.Water is in a machine somewhere in the building.
On the Spirit Directors International website, there is an article entitled \"eight good reasons for not drinking bottled water.\"For eight reasons, they list that water is usually unregulated, it contains contaminants, and 90% of the water is made of bottles!So you really don\'t pay, you pay for the bottle and throw it away.Item no.“6.More than 28 billion plastic water bottles are used in North America every year;More than 80% of the bottles were finally landfill.
\"One of the issues listed on the website Mother Nature Network is the company\'s ownership of the water.This site lists 5 reasons why you don\'t drink bottled water5 yes, \"In the documentary thirst,\" the authors Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman demonstrate the rapid privatization of municipal water supply worldwide, and these purchases to the local\"This problem has even appeared in the novel.Writer Clive Kotler wrote his adventure novel Blue Gold, which is exactly what is happening.
We have to want some heroes to show up like they save us in the book.The bottled water industry is \"an important part of what many people see as a fundamental human right to commercialize: access to safe and affordable water.\"The simple answer recommended by these sites is to get some type of carbohydrate filter and stainless steel container.
If you don\'t have a water filter, faucet water filter, countertop water filter or under a counter water filter, be sure to take the time to buy one.They are relatively cheap and over time you will get better health returns, fewer visits to the doctor and less demand for the medicine.For people who want or need to filter a lot of water, you can buy it under the reverse water filter or even the reverse water filter.
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