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Burning stone filter what role at work?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Burn stone filter in actual work, at the time of equipment operation plays a very important role, its action according to the different equipment has a different, mainly divided into the following several aspects.

burning stone filter filter can say is the heart of the device, filter can be applied industry is very broad, such as oil filter, water filter, air filter and other industries.

a small amount of impurity in a filter medium can be removed, can the normal work of the maintenance equipment or clean air, when the fluid passes through a filter has a certain accuracy of filter, the impurity was blocked, and the cleaning fluids after filter outflow.

filter according to different classification method can have a lot of types:

in the hydraulic system can be divided into oil suction filter, pipeline filter, oil filter, filter, filter.

on the basis of using the medium is divided into: air filters filter, water filter, filter, oil filter cartridge.

according to the material of the filter core can be divided into: the paper filter, chemical fiber filter, metal mesh filter, PP filter, line spacing filter, activated carbon filter and so on.
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