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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Automatic through the filter side through filter as the name suggests is the main line of a by-pass filter, general use of shallow sand filter or quartz sand filter to deal with, through the filtered water returned to the head of road, near by filter commonly used in circulating cooling water treatment, through flocculation, will be small particles flocculated condensed particles, and then filtered, to reduce the water suspended solids and turbidity. I company specializing in the production by pass filter manufacturers, to introduce below through the filter by related knowledge:
one, through the working principle of the filter by
by the automatic filter when the system is in a state of filter, pressurised water imported from the filter tank into the water distribution system, the arrival of the uniform filter material layer. When the water filter material layer, by liao interception. Filter with precision gap at the bottom of the header, the filtered water is uniform collection, filter and outflow. Header on the precision of crack can effectively prevent the loss of the filter material. Mechanical linkage castle valve ( Pneumatic or electric) Control the direction of flow.
2, automatic circulating water control automatically by the filter by
when the system is in a state of automatic backwash, backwashing cycle by increasing pressure difference control. As impurities in the filter material layer continuously accumulate, pressure loss increases, when the differential pressure increases to a certain value, the system will automatically convert to the backwashing. Pressurized water flows through the device ( The catchment device) Enter filter material layer, to wash, make the intercept pollutants loss of the filtering system side by side. Backwashing for at least two minutes later, the valve system to automatically filter state.
3, selection of bypass shallow filter parameter

the above filter bypass shallow single selection parameters, shallow sand filter can achieve more through many sets of parallel flow, using a clean, advantages of shallow sand filter has a large water yield, cover an area of an area small, low cost characteristic, the downside is that the water there is no full size quartz sand filter effect is good.
4, selection of by-pass quartz sand filter parameters
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