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camping water filter - how to choose the best water filter - 6 important considerations!

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Determining the type of camping activity you are involved in and calculating the daily water use requirements will point to the best camping water filter candidate, depending on the production capacity.
The areas of my personal interest are backpacking and hiking.
Your camping activities may be camping in tents, cars or RV.
Just identify the daily water needs and apply these important considerations to narrow the search. 1.
Pressure or no pressure: Decide if you are willing or able to operate a manual pressurizing system.
Is the gravity power supply system more appropriate?
The new adsorption system may be a better choice. 2.
Easy to use: is the unit compact?
Is it portable or does it need to be portable?
Is it easy to assemble? How difficult is it to load and extract drinking water? 3.
Life and change of filter elements: how many gallons will the filter produce per minute or per hour, and what is the cost and convenience of replacing the filter element? 4.
Purity: check the purification specifications and determine what performance is required for the camping water filter.
There are differences and your health can be at risk. 5.
Water Source: Is the water source on site or is it from streams, ponds, lakes or rivers?
Note: Some filter elements need to be pre-
Filter the water before using the primary filtration system.
If the water source looks dirty, it is under pressure to remove the larger particles \". . . \" pre-filtering. 6.
Company History: study the company\'s product life and public opinion on reliability and performance.
Notes of interest: my research found that a company has been producing water purification equipment \". . . \"More than 200 years!
Choose the camping water filter wisely and you will enjoy healthy and delicious pure water for only a few pennies a day!
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