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Candle type filter can withstand great pressure of the ship

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Candle type filter is mainly used for ships, has good filtering performance and backwashing characteristics, good strength, easy to use. It not only can be used in the design of the filter, can also be used to replace the imported similar filter, in order to meet the need of unmanned engine room and large lubrication equipment highly automated. Appearance beautiful, are all made of metal mesh structure, long service life, light weight, small volume, easy to change. Candles to ship filter is composed of wedge winding belt and rib welded together. In the candle stick form a continuous interval, the present a narrow the wide gap within the structure. Outside-in filtering direction. Candle stick has a unique self supporting structure, able to withstand great pressure, not as the change of stress and deformation. Diatomite precoating on the surface, after the formation of coating is stable, won't appear coating cracking, the phenomenon such as leakage. The candle stick uniform spacing, can effectively intercept diatomite, rapid forming uniform coating. Not easy to jam, easy backwashing. Narrow the wide gap structure, make the filter has the function of 'self-cleaning', impurities will not be stuck, candle surface is very smooth, no residual dead Angle, more thorough backwashing process, cleaning effect is more ideal. Marine diesel engine fault is mainly fuel system failures, more than 60% of the total number of failures.
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