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Car wash water solution need to use the sintering filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Washing with circulating water equipment mainly by the combined method of chemical and physical combination of sintered filter used to complete. With chemicals, detergent, oil and other impurities in sewage sludge separation, in by filtering water recycling again. The pollutants are released into the sewage tank directly. My company produces washing circulating cooling equipment can be customized according to user requirements.

washing circulating water basic technical index

0 or less power consumption. 3KWH。

processing pool (minimum volume Length x width x height) :1×1×1. 6 m。

capacity: 1 t/H ( About 80 - can meet 120 / amount of washing every day) 。

: recovery of 75% or higher.

the characteristic of equipment of circulating water washing

1, zero emissions: if the sewage pool size appropriate, the device can achieve municipal wastewater zero discharge of pipe networks.

2, good water quality, water quality index is better than that of national car wash water reuse standard ( GB / T18920 - 2002). ( New water reuse solution) Completely conform to the car wash and discharge standard.

3, water yield stability: the special design to avoid the traditional water treatment problems, to ensure continuous adequate water, to meet user needs.

4, a high degree of automation: the entire sewage treatment is accomplished by a key.

5, the equipment is small in size: the main equipment ( Length x width x height) :1×0. 8×1. 2 m。

6, low running cost: filter medium long service life, high water recovery rate, low operating cost.
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