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Cartridge filter element for water treatment equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-23

Filter element for chemical fiber melt filtration. This filter element mainly uses stainless steel woven mesh and stainless steel fiber sintered felt. Xinxiang Hengdeli Filter Industry Co., Ltd., Hengdeli Filter Industry, stainless steel woven mesh is woven by stainless steel wire, The fold-wave filter element has the characteristics of smooth pores, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-shedding of the wire mesh, and long filtration cycle. The stainless steel fiber sintered felt is a porous deep filter material made of stainless steel fiber sintered at high temperature. The folding core has the characteristics of high pores, good air permeability, strong dirt holding capacity, and strong regeneration capacity.

Product features The filtering area is 5-10 times that of ordinary cylindrical filter elements, and the filtering range is wide (1-300UM)

Typical application parameters of the product: 1 Working pressure: 30MPA 2 Working temperature: 300 3 Pollution holding capacity 16.9-41

Product connection mode: standard interface (220 222 226) quick interface connection, threaded connection, flange connection, tie rod connection, special customized interface

The main purpose of the product: 1 polyester. Filament short filament Filtration of polymer melt in film production 2 Filtration of high-temperature gas and steam 3 Filtration of high-temperature liquid and viscous liquid.

Chemical filter element product introduction: It is made of 5 or more layers of stainless steel wire mesh after high temperature and high temperature sintering, or it is made of stainless steel wire mesh by folding process, so that it has good permeability, strong dirt holding capacity, and water Filter cartridge filter element for processing equipment, stainless steel sintered felt hydraulic machinery and components, large filter area, long service life, filter cartridge filter element for water treatment equipment, water purifier filter element related, high temperature and corrosion resistance, washable regeneration, repeated use, etc. Features, filter cartridge filter element for water treatment equipment, filter element related, widely used in filtration systems in petrochemical industries.

Product application areas:

Used for filtration of polyester water treatment, oil products, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals, chemical fiber products, and high-temperature air filtration.

Stainless steel filter elements can be divided into eight types according to different materials and functions.

1. High-quality fiber filter element

2. High-density activated carbon and ID can be converted.

3. FDF special carbon composite filter element】

4. High-tech high-energy nano-generation filter element

5 Post antibacterial activated carbon filter

6High purity copper zinc alloy composite

7High precision ultrafiltration membrane filter element

8 Stainless steel high magnetic filter element

What is the difference in the function of the filter element of the integrated drinking water treatment system equipment for the hospital?

The reason why the direct drinking machine can purify water is inseparable from the direct drinking machine filter element. Different filter elements determine the purification function of the direct drinking machine. It can be said that the filter element is one of the core components of the direct drinking machine. According to water purification needs, there are many types of filter elements for direct drinking fountains, and the function of each filter element for direct drinking fountains is slightly different.

PP filter

PP filters are mostly used to filter out edema suspended impurities. Taking micron as the grading standard, it is common to make the filter element with different densities of the inner and outer layers of the filter pore size such as 1, 5, 10, 20, so that the filter element has a greater dirt holding capacity. When choosing PP primary pollution filter element, you must choose different filter element pore size depending on the use occasion. The use of the origami filter element is similar to that of the PP decontamination filter element. It uses a folding design to increase its filtration surface area. The material of the origami filter element includes paper and plastic. The origami filter element has the characteristics of repeatable cleaning.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon has been found to be used for water treatment since the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a carbon with a porous structure. These pores are used to increase the surface area of ??activated carbon to adsorb impurities. The physical properties of carbonized substances have a great relationship with the quality of its raw materials and processing processes. At present, common carbons are coal, trees, coconut shell or palm as the main raw materials. Coconut shell sintered carbon has better stability, pore distribution and surface area are better than other types of activated carbon, these characteristics make it have a better performance in water treatment.

Activated carbon is to replace chemical substances, organic pollution sources, different colors, peculiar smells, etc. by surface porous structure adsorption. Generally speaking, the smaller the volume of activated carbon, the larger the total area, and the higher the grabbing and adsorption capacity, but the higher the pressure loss of its recording. This is to be paid attention to when selecting activated carbon; Using the most advanced coconut shell activated carbon, the particle size ranges from 6*12 (for large systems) to 20*50 (for household filter elements) after pickling and not pickling, which is suitable for various occasions. Such as: drinking water treatment, beverage water treatment, aquarium pipe, household or factory use.

Ultrafiltration membrane technology

Ultrafiltration membrane technology [MICROPURE micro-purification] is a patented mixture, which includes a very fine formula activated carbon, using water pressure, pre-coating and spreading PRECOAT (multiple pleated multiple filtration) in a larger area of ??ultra-high density Between the multi-pleated fiber layers, the adsorption area is the size of 80 football fields.

They are 40 times larger than other brands of the same size. The pores of this fiber layer are blocked even by impurities or microorganisms of 1/20000 cm (0.5 microns), and the water in the pores must be pure, and from the first drop of water to the last drop of water, The water quality is always perfect.
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