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by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Ceramic water filters are a small and effective tool for filtering dirty and unsafe drinking water.Business versions are often used by hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and others.These are personal.Ceramic filter.Although clean water is necessary for survival, millions of peopleThis basic demand is lacking in developed countries.
In fact, UNICEF reported that more than 20,000 children died every day as some preventable diseases were infected by unclean water.In these countries, ceramic filters may play an important role in providing safe water for families, individuals and families who need it.In addition to the daily use of ceramic filters, people living in these countries use this equipment after natural disasters (such as earthquakes and monsoon) to ensure they have clean water.
The ceramic filter works like all water filtration systems, and it basically captures dirt, contaminants, and bacteria to remove these potentially harmful substances from the water.The ceramic filter is actually able to filter out anything larger than water molecules, which makes it a very effective water purification tool.Ceramic filters usually use a pottery jar similar to the terracotta pots we are all familiar with, rather than using a sophisticated approach.
Combined with clay is a mixture of combustible materials such as sawdust, coffee shells and Hull.This material was completely burned during the firing process, resulting in a tinyPores in pottery jars.The result is a simple device that looks like a normal pottery can.
However, microThe pores left by burning combustible materials are small enough to catch pathogens, but large enough to allow water to pass through.In addition to the mechanical catch of pathogens, ceramic filters are usually coated with colloidal silver as a further biokilling agent for harmful bacteria.To filter the water supply, you put the \"clay tank\" filter in a larger bucket or fixed base, and you can also connect a tap on it to remove water.
Once the water is filtered, the tap is used to remove the water from the holding base so it can be used.Advantages and disadvantages the main advantage of ceramic water filter is that it not only filters the water, but also filters the water at an effective speed.Can be removed nearly 99-100% of pathogens, bacteria and sediment.
It is small in size and light in weight and can be used almost anywhere in the home.Another advantage is that they have the lowest cost compared to commercial water filters on the market today.On the other hand, they don\'t filter the water at very fast speed.
In an average-Size setting, you can only disinfect and purify water at 2 to 3 liters per hour.Although they are light in weight as mentioned above, they are also fragile and can easily crack under rough treatment.Unfortunately, even the smallest cracks can lead to a decline in filtration capacity.
Ceramic water filters are comparable to any commercial filterWater filtration system for production.Water filtration is necessary in developing countries.Not only does ceramic filters support access to clean water, which many take for granted, but they are a lifeSaving, proper technology, improving the lives of millions of people every day.
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