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choosing a water filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
The types and price ranges of water filters are large and sometimes even confusing.
The technical terms used can sometimes be confusing, and before making a major purchase, you should convince yourself that the water filter has enough capacity to handle all your drinking water needs.
Home water filters are different from simple water bottles or bottle filters with basic charcoal filters, and also from serious water treatment filters that produce clear water with much higher quality than municipal tap water.
Of course, cost is a major factor, but there are some outstanding bargains for household water filters.
Remember your budget and think about how much you spend every week to buy bottled water.
Bottled water has 2 liters or 5 liters of plastic bottles, and according to these plastic bottles, the plastic used by the bottling device can get a strong taste from the plastic material.
Many brands of bottled water are just bottled water.
Municipal tap water usually contains various chemicals and may contain trace substances.
Organize families to drink an average of 30 to 40 litres of water per week for over $1500 a year!
For basic supermarket bottled water, the cost of expensive imported water will be twice or three times that of the original.
Then buy a very beautiful water filter.
The following is the classification of different types of water filters: kettle-type water filters-
As a general rule, Brita is the most popular and a great choice as it has a good filter cartridge.
Cheaper supermarket cartridges can be used, but these often leave a flavor and don\'t last long.
There is a counter model that uses the same Brita filter, and there is a larger reservoir of water/filter that is used to filter for about 2 months.
Most of the wine pot filters are designed to fit on the refrigerator door.
The cover of this filter is sometimes fragile.
Cartridges can be used widely.
Refrigerator filter
These are in the fridge.
This is an easy-to-use filter that needs to be replaced every 6 months.
The main advantage is that there is always cold drinking water on the tapUnder sink filter.
The water is inserted into the kitchen faucet and clean water is provided on the faucet.
Their downside is not to remove the Microorganisms.
Should be replaced every 2 to 3 months, the price of the new cartridge is about $30.
Some units have charcoal and ceramic cartridges, which need to be replaced regularly.
Ceramic cartridges need to be cleaned and can be reused normally.
Multi-level filter.
This is usually a multi-part filter system that can have three different filters.
These are usually pumping systems so they need power supply.
The first is a sand or gravel filter to remove organic matter (peat etc)
Next is the charcoal filter, which can clear the larger particles, then the ceramic filter, which can filter out many tiny particles. organisms.
The improvement of this type of filter is UV (Ultra Violet)
Filters that kill microbial organisms such as giardiad and cryptospores are two main causes of stomach discomfort caused by water supply.
The multi-stage filter is basically similar to the one used for the filter water in the tropical fish aquarium, but is larger.
They can also be installed under the counter.
Another advanced filter is called the reverse osmosis filter.
While this filter produces quality water, the process is quite slow for a large family and takes a while to process.
The water filter for the whole house is much larger, but works on the same basis as the multi-level water filter.
Accordingly, they will be more expensive and many whole house water supply systems are designed for different house sizes.
These will filter all the water that enters your house and can also be combined with the rainwater collection system to reduce your water cost and demand.
Think about how many bathroom, toilet and water related machines you have (
Dishwasher, washing machine, etc)
When you make a decision
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