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chromium 6 water filter

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
Many people have been wondering what chromium 6 is and how it affects their water supply.
They also want to know if there are chromium 6 water filters that can remove this dangerous chemical from their water intake.
Here are some facts about the chromium 6 water filter and the chemicals themselves.
What are the sources of chromium --
6 in drinking water?
In short, Chromium is a metal element.
It is both tasteless and tasteless.
The element itself naturally exists in rocks, plants, humans, soil, ash and animals.
The most common type of this element is three prices (chromium-3), hexavalent (chromium-6)
Metal form, chrome-0. While chromium-
3 Natural occurrence, can be found in vegetables, grains, fruits and meat, chromium-
6 produced by industrial processes.
Some major sources of chromium
The water found in drinking water comes from the discharge of pulp and steel mills.
In many cases, chemicals are released by poor storage or leakage of storage tanks.
This is also the result of improper disposal.
Chromium 6 can be found in surface water sources such as rivers and lakes and in underground reservoirs where chemicals have entered.
As part of the total chromium drinking water standard, which began in 1992, EPA regulated chromium 6.
The current standard of chromium in drinking water is 100 per billion.
EPA regulates this element because it is a cancer --Causes the element.
Congress is now considering further tightening of regulation to better protect consumers from negative health effects.
Chromium 6 water filter solution: Studies have shown that reverse osmosis can effectively reduce chromium in water by 90-97%.
In addition, for reverse osmosis, the water distillation system can also reduce chromium 6 in drinking water.
Consumers should understand that chromium 6 has been found in 31 of 35 countries in the United States. S. cities.
The highest level was detected in Norman, OK; Honolulu, HI;
And the California river.
For anyone concerned about removing this element from drinking water by using a chromium 6 water filter, the best advice would be to consult a reliable water filter supplier first.
They can help you assess your needs and provide the best solution that suits your budget.
The FDA recommends the installation of a NSF-certified home water filtration system to remove chromium 6.
Again, this is usually done by using a reverse osmosis system or by using a water distillation system.
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