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Circulating cooling water treatment equipment technology

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
In the operation of the industrial circulating water in produce scale and dirt, cooling water easy to breed bacteria, viruses, and algae water quality deterioration after directly or indirectly to metal equipment, pipeline corrosion, scale of a large number of settling out, will reduce the heat exchanger heat transfer effect, block pipeline and equipment. Corrosion will shorten the service life of equipment, increase the maintenance cost, and even cause an accident, affect production.
so, chao deng laboratory will water plasma technology used in industrial circulating cooling water treatment system:
1. Plasma in water body of strong oxide particles can form effective scale inhibition mechanism, prevent the happening of the fouling in the circulating water.
2。 Advanced oxidation technology can make the circulating water was difficult to form eutrophication of water body environment, completely eliminate circulating water breeding of bacteria, viruses, and algae.
3。 This machine use strong oxide particles on the metal surface passivation effect, to form metal pipeline corrosion protective layer.
4。 Can take off the original scale, the system need not regular cleaning. By using traditional medicament treatment of circulating cooling water system, usually USES certain method to clean regularly, and whether to take online or intermittent washing, will cause certain influence to production, and there is some cleaning technology applicability is poorer, for some systems can not achieve very good cleaning effect. And advanced oxidation in jewelry cleaning and water quality stability, can greatly reduce the operation and management on the economy and maintain pressure.
industrial production wastewater reuse has become the current trend of the world, back into the water to save the cost, a lot of water for the enterprise to improve enterprise efficiency. Back to water treatment is the key to handling cost;
the effect of the circulating cooling water treatment:
the & # 8226; Safe recycling effect, no harmful substances;
• Water treatment after low turbidity, colourless, odourless, surfactant and grease;
• To reduce the accidents and economic losses caused by water quality system.
• Salt, difficult to effectively solve the water soluble solid content was removing oxidation and mineralization, the concentration of the calcium carbonate under high concentrated multiple cooling circulating water.
• Plasma embedded in the water treatment greatly reduce the processing cost.
• Suitable for high basicity, high hardness of water quality, for the vast number of water in north China has obvious social and economic benefits.
application field of circulating cooling water, circulating water treatment and water recycling systems, such as industrial back water treatment, industrial circulating cooling water treatment. Also apply to organs, schools, hotels and resorts such as circulating water processing.
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