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Circulating cooling water water quality characteristics and treatment methods

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
One, the characteristic of the quality of circulating cooling water
1, the scale, mainly due to the loss of salt concentration and CO2 calcium carbonate deposition scaling in the water. The heat transfer efficiency of heat exchanger, affect the operation of circulating cooling water system.
2, corrosion, water spray process caused by the dissolved oxygen in the water content increased, to strengthen the corrosion of water. May cause corrosion of heat exchanger and plumbing facilities.
3, dirt, suspended solids, impurities in the atmosphere of sediment and exfoliation corrosion and other various impurities sedimentary formation of dirt in the water. Scale and dirt are collectively known as sediment, so the circulation cooling water treatment problems can be roughly classified as for erosion and sediment control.
2, the purpose of the circulating cooling water treatment
circulating cooling water treatment in order to prevent the heat exchanger from circulating water damage, should form a complete protective film in the heat exchanger tube wall, on the basis of further operation in the process of corrosion control, sediment and microorganisms.
3, circulating water treatment equipment technology parameter
working pressure: 1 or less. 0Mpa( If you need higher working pressure, please specify when ordering)
pressure loss power: 0 or less. 015 mpa
filtration precision: 0. 8 mm( 0. 2 ~ 3. 5 mm accuracy range can make)
the highest working temperature: 100 ° C or less
4, circulating cooling system of processing methods include:
1, chemical germicides;
2, rinse;
3, preparing membrane.
circulation cooling system used in the chemical cleaning agents, there are many dirt removal of the combination of ingredients to choose:
1, the dirt is given priority to with sticky dirty persons to be predominantly fungicide clear scale inhibitor;
2, which is mainly composed of dirt, dirt persons to be predominantly coagulant or dispersant qing scale inhibitor;
3, give priority to in order to scale the composition of persons to be predominantly consolidation agent, penetrating agent, dispersing agent clear scale inhibitor, etc. ;
4, give priority to with corrosion product scale. Also USES the penetrating agent, dispersing agent of such surfactants.
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