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Circulating water purification equipment

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Circulating water treatment equipment, also known as circulating water purification equipment, water filter, is a commonly used purification of water treatment equipment.
in textile printing and dyeing, chemical factory, injection molding machine cooling water circulating water, textile fabrics, central air conditioning, power plants need to be the most commonly used in the circulating cooling water, etc. Circulating water treatment equipment is mainly the circulation line, purifying water dosing system for dosing main means, such as flocculant PAC, scale inhibitors and slow-release agent to remove algae, each agent have different effects, such as flocculant is mainly to the small particles in the water matter condensed big particles flocculated then filtered through the filter device, slow-release effect of scale inhibitors is to prevent the pipeline corrosion by water, if the pipeline corrosion, further pollution water quality, algae in addition to the main to remove the algae in the water, to prevent algae in the pipes and equipment in the attachment, because the algae has certain viscosity, in the 30 - Under the environment of 40 degrees can multiply rapidly.
circulating water is another important equipment of quartz sand filter, quartz sand filter is a kind of mechanical filter, he is different from activated carbon filter, manganese sand filter, water softener, water treatment equipment, professional quartz sand filter to remove suspended solids in water, simple structure, low operating cost, good effect, and dosing system with perfect, quartz sand filter, also known as sand filter, sand filter, filter inside filled with quartz sand filter material, does not produce secondary pollution, through the quartz sand filter under the withholding of impurities, through the filter backwashing system, rushed to the circulating water system will be impurities, so keep water purification treatment, stable water quality of transparency, the following to introduce two kinds of quartz sand filter, respectively is a shallow quartz sand filter, a different kind of ordinary quartz sand filter.
1, selection of shallow filter parameter

the above filter bypass shallow single selection parameters, shallow sand filter can achieve more through many sets of parallel flow, using a clean, advantages of shallow sand filter has a large water yield, cover an area of an area small, low cost characteristic, the downside is that the water there is no full size quartz sand filter effect is good. 2, selection of by-pass quartz sand filter parameter

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