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Coalescence separation filter - Filter interception process

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
The outflow of material from inside the coalescing filter, first through the high precision filter layer, solid particles blocked by multilayer filter material, achieve the goal of removing particulate pollution, same time, the removal of particulate pollution is helpful to filter the follow-up function of demulsification and the coalescence of the play. After filtering material and then enter the separation filter demulsification coalescence layer, the impurity in the material liquid to demulsification, the liquid into the coalescence layer after demulsification, working mechanism of coalescence layer, small water droplets and fiber contact and adhesion on it, in the fluid, under the impetus of moving along the fiber, the intersection of the fiber and other small water droplets together into larger droplets. And coalescence filter service life is long, the effect is good, the coalescing filter traffic density, so a lot of problems is reduced. Large droplets were fluid to the coalescence separation filter outside surface, due to its density is greater than the hydrocarbon, which under the action of gravity, and liquid hydrocarbon separation, settling to the bottom of the filter separator set liquid trough, the coalescence water droplets, the greater the oil-water separation effect is better. Coalescence separation filter has good filtering effect, small resistance, long service life, etc. Due to choose * * * * * * materials, coupled with sophisticated production technology, the quality and appearance of the product from the original accessories, has a very high cost performance.
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