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Coalescence separation filter need to be replaced

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Coalescence separation filter to filter impurities in diesel oil and hydraulic oil and coalescence double function of water, is the most important function of coalescence strainer element. Coalescence filter can meet the fixed mobile refueling facilities in need of various kinds of coalescence strainer. Coalescing filters used in the product is characterized by the * * * * * * * * * coalescence material production filter, ensure the filter of the technical performance and quality, long service life and coalescence material for composite structures, the coalescence step by step, make micro-droplet gradually increases, increases the service life of filter dewatering energy and. Condensed material the use of special resin, curing process in general, engine and equipment manufacturers on the replacement of coalescence separation filter has certain requirements. The client may, in accordance with the provisions of the engine or equipment manufacturer, or according to the specification of differential pressure indicator element changes. Proposal according to the differential gauge instructions change coalescence separation filter, in order to determine the replacement interval, prolong the service life of filter element, extend the unnecessary downtime, replacement of coalescence separation filter for the engine with the * * * * * * service at the same time, reduce the maintenance cost.
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