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Coarse efficiency air filter is introduced and structural characteristics

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Coarse effectively filter structure:
coarse effectively filter frame is of strong waterproof board, used to fixed folded filter material. The design of the frame on the diagonal can provide big filter area, and make the internal filter material tight adhesion on the outer box. Around the perimeter of the filter are in a special professional adhesive glue with frame, can prevent the air leakage or damaged caused by wind resistance pressure.
disposable paper box filter frame generally divided into cardboard boxes and high strength touch cut cardboard, filter for pleated fiber filtration material lined with single wire mesh, beautiful shape, low cost.

coarse effectively filter frame also can use galvanized iron frame, aluminum alloy and stainless steel plate and frame. Can according to customer's different production environment, the indoor temperature to determine what kind of filter material and plate and frame using the most appropriate.
filter characteristics and application:
1. The air filter price low, light weight, good versatility and compact structure,
2. Central air conditioning and ventilation system prefiltering, large air compressor prefiltering,

3. Clean air return system of prefiltering

4. Local high efficient filter prefiltering

5. Resistance to high temperature air filter, stainless steel frame, high temperature resistant - 250 300 ℃ filtration efficiency
the efficiency of the filter, commonly used in air conditioning and ventilation system of the primary filter, can also be applied to only simple level filtering air conditioning and ventilation system.
G series of eight varieties, coarse efficiency air filter points are: G1, G2, and G3, G4, designed. the GN ( Nylon mesh filter) GH ( Metal mesh filter) GC ( Activated carbon filter) GT ( High temperature resistant coarse effectively filter) 。
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