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Coating wastewater treatment equipment technology and matters needing attention

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
First, the characteristics of the coating wastewater treatment
1, coating wastewater treatment, water quality because of the materials used in different, degreaser alone have a variety of recipes, coating types are more.
2, irregular emissions, in addition to the part of the washing water overflow discharge continuously, coating line waste water or waste liquid is intermittent focus more emissions.
3, change of water quality of water, and haphazard.
coating waste water produced, coating wastewater mainly comes from the pre skim, skim, table, phosphating, passivation and body before processing; Cathodic electrodeposition process and coating, spray paint process, car coating, surface active agent, heavy metal ion wastewater containing resin, pigments and other pollutants, especially the electrophoretic wastewater, paint wastewater composition complex, high concentration, biochemical difference. Coating wastewater treatment mainly adopt qualitative, coagulation sedimentation, coagulation, gas floating and sand filtration process to deal with the coating wastewater.
3, finishing wastewater note
auto painting line various water quality depends on the coating process of waste water, reason should be thorough investigation, do careful analysis on the pollution sources on the basis of carefully designed. When the design should pay attention to the following questions:
waste water quantity and water quality change is big, xu cars are some wastewater treatment engineering of water quantity, water quality in the design of a balanced and points for attention is not enough, cause system instability and even can't normal operation.
car coating wastewater biological sex difference, biochemical appropriate USES hydrolytic acidification biological contact oxidation process and SBR method, should guarantee the biochemical time enough.
for dephosphorization reaction condition is strict, mixed with other wastewater after general phosphorus wastewater is difficult to effectively remove, therefore, should be separate phosphorus wastewater pretreatment.
from the perspective of clean production, production and technical personnel to improve production technology, improve the coating material formula, strengthening production management, in order to reduce pollutant emission.
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