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common water filter systems - a comparison

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Many different companies related to water claim to provide or produce the purest and cleanest water.
But how do we find out that their claims are true, or just marketing and advertising?
This paper compares the most popular water filter systems and water treatment methods, and outlines the work efficiency of these water purification systems.
Activated carbon filter granular activated carbon filter is efficient and economical
But consumers have to consider its limitations.
Activated carbon filter can remove concentrated chemicals (
Chlorine, trihalogen methane, fluorine)
Organic materials (humus, algae)
And micro pollutants (
Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides).
However, when the use time is too long, the activated carbon water filter is easy to breed bacteria, so it is necessary to ensure that the filter cartridge is replaced regularly.
Reverse osmosis system reverse osmosis can remove fluoride in water, as well as most mineral components such as salt, lead, calcium and iron.
This water treatment process is ineffective in removing various contaminants (such as chlorine and volatile organic chemicals) found in municipal water.
Water treated with reverse osmosis produces unhealthy drinking water, as most healthy trace minerals and salt are also removed during purification.
Filter (KDF)i. e.
Process Media)
Characterized by \"oxidation-reduction\" reaction (Oxidation-Reduction).
During the oxidation-reduction reaction, harmful pollutants become harmless components.
Zinc and copper are the preferred metals used in KDF alloys, as both metals are relatively good reducing agents for common inorganic contaminants.
For example, the KDF process medium converts free chlorine into benign water-
Soluble chlorine, harmless to the human body, and through water supply.
Moreover, there is no need for electricity, no need to waste water, and no bacteria can be bred in the filter.
However, the disadvantage is that the KDF filter does not remove fluoride (
Fluorosis disease damages bones and teeth)
Organic Pollutants.
A good option would be to combine the KDF filter with other filter media.
Water softener (Deionizers)
The softener or deionizer is able to remove the hardness of the water, I . E. e.
Calcium, magnesium.
The advantage is to reduce the blockage of pipes, softer clothes, and longer life of household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.
However, removing ions or soft water contains a large amount of sodium, which is not good for people\'s health.
This is the reason why soft or deionized water should not be used for drinking and cooking (
Watering plants and lawns is not recommended).
The distillation process is relatively slow and must be repeated several times to ensure a clear purity of water.
This is a good way to produce purified water for the removal of salt, nitrate and pathogens.
However, synthetic chemicals common in municipal water such as herbicides, pesticides and chlorine solutions cannot be removed by distillation because their boiling points are lower than the boiling point of water.
In addition, distillation removes natural trace elements and makes them acidic (
Larger proportion of hydrogen components). Long-
The long-term consumption of water removed from the mine in this way may be harmful to the body system and may result in a lack of minerals within the body.
Entry point of the system-of-
The use of the system only affects the water on the faucet where the device is installed. A Point-of-
Entrance system, installed in-
Water supply to your home is a better option as it provides pure and safe water throughout the home, including every faucet and shower head inside and outside the house.
Activated carbon MediaA Point combined with KDF process-of-
The inlet water purification system that combines activated carbon with kdf filters is a product that can purify all water entering your home or business and remove up to 99% of pollution, it includes biological products, chemistry and metals, but leaves trace minerals that are important to health.
It provides the whole family with unlimited supply of clean, pure and pH neutral water at each faucet of the house.
Therefore, when considering the purchase of an effective and reliable full house water filter, combining the filtration technology of activated carbon and KDF process Media is the best choice.
In this way, heavy metals, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals and other toxins are effectively removed at the highest level of any household filter system on the market today.
All components should be NSF certified.
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