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Commonly used water treatment filter

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
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commonly used water treatment filter introduces PP cotton filter ( Polypropylene melt-blown cartridge) Use avirulent insipidity of polypropylene as raw material, adopt the internationally used diameter gradient process, fiber in the process of thermal bonding form a three-dimensional micro pore structure, pore aperture by a gradient distribution outside introversion, set the surface, deep, coarse filter as a whole, can intercept the different diameter of impurities, with large flow, corrosion resistance, resistance to high pressure, low cost, etc. Generally used in water treatment equipment of the first level, to stop the rust in the water, sediment, eggs and other large particulate matter. Service life is 2 - UDF (6 months Granular activated carbon filter) UDF bulk granular activated carbon filter, USES the high quality coconut shell activated carbon or medium activated carbon material, ABS plastic shell with food grade, bonding with ultrasonic welding technology. Used for water adsorption of organic matter in water treatment, chemical, pesticide and residual chlorine, non-blue peculiar smell, etc. , used for at least 3 - Adsorption force strong, this product does not contain harmful to human body of soluble organic matter or inorganic matter. The products are widely used in group and household water purifiers, water dispensers and power plant, petrochemical engineering, water treatment of drinking water polluted urban factories, hotels, all kinds of cool and refreshing drinks such as water treatment effect is better. T33( The rear activated carbon filter) The rear bacteriostatic activated carbon filter is made of high quality coconut shell activated carbon as the filter material, mainly used to improve the taste of water, eliminate peculiar smell. For 4 - use time limit For six months. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane ( Water purification machine core components) Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is using polypropylene material with special silk membrane process, the average pore diameter of 0. 01-0. 1 micron, can enrichment and separation of the particles in the water, colloid, macromolecular material such as organic matter, intercept bacteria, heat source, the algae. Has a large water flux, difficult to jam, can be used repeatedly cleaning etc. , the service life of the general is 1 to 2 years. Ceramic filter ceramic filter was fired using natural diatomite to make its average pore diameter is only 0. 15 microns, is 1/500 of a human hair in diameter size, can effectively separate the water of bacteria, viruses, such as heavy metals, and pure natural, do not contain chemical synthetic material, harmless to the human body. Can use repeatedly scrub or sanding, high filtration precision, long life, etc. Far-infrared mineralization filter this product is far infrared emission and antibacterial functions, insoluble in water, safe non-toxic, is the replacement of the traditional mineralization ball. After test, the Chinese academy of metrology in wavelength 2-18 um of far infrared radiation rate was 92%. Research shows that when the water after soaking the material effect, the water original disorder will produce fracture of the water molecules, the polarity of water will rearrange and combined into a stable of small molecules ( 5-6 water molecules) , the dissolved oxygen in the water will rise greatly. Ordered this state of water molecules, high density, strong cohesion, molecular adsorption force is small, high penetrability, at the same time, it will contain various trace elements beneficial to human body, can accelerate the body to absorb, can improve microcirculation, is good for your health, medical stone filter medical stone is porphyritic andesite or Mr Andreessen porphyry, is the composition of the rock and have obvious porphyritic organization, main mineral is plagioclase phenocryst and secondary magnesium iron ore ( Such as pyroxene, hornblende) 。 The color gray, dark gray, light green and red. Filter through the medical stone strata of mineral water, called MaiFan springs. Because the medical stone in Chinese medicine used to treat pain, thick, closing the wound, so some claim MaiFan spring has the function of disease prevention and prevent aging. Reverse osmosis membrane ( RO pure water machine main parts) In U. S. space technology, invest a lot of manpower and financial resources, after many years of research and development, at present, only a few countries such as the United States, South Korea, Japan production. RO membrane aperture is 0. 0001 microns ( 1/6000 of the size of e. coli) To intercept the water of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, colloid, most of the pesticides, heavy metals and salts, treated water is sweet and tasty, is the human grasp all the system of water technology contains the highest technical content. Life is 1-3 years. Web site
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