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Company production quality production safety meeting

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Was held on August 10, the company product quality and safety in production work routine meeting; Company production director of the total, technology and management of the production workshop, production staff and so on more than 20 people attended the meeting. Meeting shall be presided over by production shut, director of the total and do speak.
in the meeting, held a total points out that water filter as the filter product main purpose is to filter the water considerable size of impurity particles, if appear in the process of filtering cartridge cover fall off or beside the filter material will leak on the filtration of the whole system caused incalculable consequences, pollution damage to the downstream filtration products. Show, therefore in the process of production will never allow a filter, dirty, there are other impurities attached above; Make sure filter clean factory; 2 it is not allowed to have loose loose end cover adhesive or welding phenomenon, can't not factory near end cover or parts of the filter material leakage phenomenon; To do standardization production, according to the process to do things. Asked related technicians to do site products quality supervision and technical guidance, quality inspection personnel strict quality, ensure that there is problem of products is not the factory. The purpose of effective improve products quality.
total meeting to do work for site supervision, comprehensive inspection of the scene of production, and further standardized production operation situation, self-inspection of supervision, supervision of implementation, and according to the production of some specific links to key inspection.
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