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Comparison of advantages of PP filter element and PE filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-02-07
Filtration is a very important part of the treatment of water sources. Water filter elements are required for water treatment. There are many types of commonly used water filter elements. Filter elements of two materials, PP filter elements and PE filter elements, are often used. The appearance of the PP filter element and the PE filter element is similar, and both are white. If the specifications are the same, it is difficult to distinguish the two filter elements without careful distinction. Therefore, we have to distinguish between the two filter elements. The characteristics and advantages of this filter element can be understood in detail, and it can be effectively distinguished in the work to avoid errors in the actual use process. The PP filter element is made through a melt-blown process. Its main material is polypropylene particles. The corresponding melt-blown mechanical equipment is used to undergo a series of treatments. This treatment process includes several processes, through heating, melting, and spraying. Silk, traction and other processes make it into a tubular filter element. The main raw material of PP meltblown filter element is polypropylene. This kind of water filter element is widely used in the water purification industry. It is not only effective, but also suitable for filtering a variety of liquids. It has relatively good pollution holding effect, low cost and service life. Longer. The advantages of PP melt-blown filter element are mainly reflected in four aspects: ①The pore size of this filter element is relatively dense and evenly distributed, which makes it have a higher filtration efficiency. Using the bridging phenomenon of the filter element channel can ensure that particles smaller than the channel can also be blocked in time, so that the filtration efficiency can be maintained at about 98%, and the filtration efficiency is guaranteed. ②The cleanliness of the PP melt blown filter element itself is relatively high, and it will not affect the water quality. ③It can withstand the corrosion of various acids and alkalis and other chemical reagents and organic solvents. ④ When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the PP melt blown filter is about 0.4mpa, its own strength is high, and it will not deform. When the pressure increases or becomes higher, a polypropylene bracket or a stainless steel frame can be added to maintain the strength. ⑤The price of this filter element is very cheap, and it is often used in primary filtration. The effect is very good. It cannot be used repeatedly to avoid affecting the filtration. The characteristics and advantages of the PE filter element are as follows: 1. The flow rate is very large, and the design method of high pores is adopted to ensure that the flow rate of the filtered liquid is larger per unit area. 2. The outer surface of the PE filter element is relatively smooth, which can effectively avoid the adhesion of impurities and is more conducive to backwashing, making backwashing easier and more thorough. 3. The anti-fouling effect of this filter element is very good. The design of filtering precision with a small outer diameter and a large inner diameter enables the impurities to be effectively discharged without remaining inside the filter element, and the sludge can be pressed out more effectively. 4. The price of the PE filter element is very close to the people. Not only does this filter element have excellent performance in all aspects, but its price is also very cost-effective. Not to mention the low price, it can be used back and forth in the water, and its working time can be extended according to the specific working conditions. And longevity. 5. The PE filter element has good corrosion resistance and very high strength, its toughness is very good, it is not easy to break, and it has a good effect in bearing pressure.
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