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Contamination in drinking water?

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Of the Japanese nuclear power station nuclear leak caused by the tsunami in Japan and parts of the American inspectors to detect the iodine - drinking water After 131. On April 7th, our country for the first time in the monitoring in the surface water in Shanxi Province to trace amounts of radionuclide iodine - And cesium - 131 137, caused the drinking water for local people to be the concerns of the nuclide pollution. In Beijing and 6 provinces and cities in a variety of vegetables after detected radioactive iodine 131, recently, our country for the first time in the surface water monitoring in trace amounts of radionuclide, according to monitoring data show that in Shanxi Province have trace amounts of radioactive nuclide in the surface water iodine - And cesium - 131 137. Although content is extremely low, will not bring impact to the health of the public, but than the existence of radioactive material in air, water and vegetables these channels to bring the nuclear element of radioactive substances in the body infection more worries people, plus parts of Japan and the United States drinking water affected by Japan's nuclear accident detection, radioactive substances, 'water security' has become the focus of people, how can we go out the radioactive substances in the water?
the U. S. environmental protection agency announced: reverse osmosis can go out to the water's nuclear element
how to reduce the pollution of drinking water by radioactive nuclide, drinking water in two states in the United States proved northwest found in trace amounts of artificial radionuclide iodine - Immediately after 131, the United States environmental protection agency (epa) released to the public on its web site that the best way to purify drinking water radioactive nuclide, will in drinking water by reverse osmosis radioactive material removal of different level.
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