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Cotton wool - Stainless steel skeleton of 10 inch wire wound cores

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21

cotton wool inch stainless steel skeleton line around the filter element

cotton wool stainless steel skeleton inch wire wound filter product introduction:

the filter is the textile fiber yarn winding on the stainless steel skeleton, he is according to the elastic winding to control precision.
has good filtering characteristics, can effectively filter out impurities, to protect the normal operation of the equipment.
the filter is generally used in the front of drinking water filtration filter processing or industrial plating solution of water and electricity.

cotton wool stainless steel skeleton inch wire wound filter product features:
this filter can withstand high filtration pressure

good chemical compatibility of the filter can be used a variety of material is made to adapt to all kinds of liquid filter need
within the aperture of thin outside structure, deep has good filtering effect

inch wire wound filter technology parameters of the absorbent cotton stainless steel skeleton:
diameter: mm, mm inner diameter
: mm, mm
filter material: cotton wool
center rod: stainless steel
cotton wool fiber filter center for stainless steel rod material, can be used in organic solution, water, oil, alkaline solution, beverage, medicine, etc.

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