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Could a water filter do you more harm than good? Gadgets have no specific health benefits and may remove dissolved material that is good for you

by:Lvyuan Filter     2021-01-21
From the so-called Very good filter can turn red wine into water to beverage bottles containing \"active\" carbon sticks that attract \"pollutants\", this is a new generation of gadgets to ensure the purity of perfume clicks.
But do we really need trouble?
In fact, we are far from \"healthy people\". can we do more harm than good?
Dr Jim Marshall, senior policy advisor for water in the UK, said tap water in the UK is the safest in the world.
It passed more than 99 times.
Nine of the quality test.
Therefore, there are no specific health benefits to the water filter, and the use of the water filter is a matter of personal preference.
However, there are still concerns that toxins such as lead and microplastic fibers may be present.
However, many of the health benefits of the filter are implicit, not explicit.
For example, Brita focuses on improving \"taste\", \"freshness\" and reducing water hardness --
Calcium deposits that cause scale.
Its Brita Fill and Enjoy Style jug (£ 31) have \"premium scale reduction\" and come with test strips to measure how hard it is for your water.
However, hard water is not bad for you --
Only for your kettle.
Indeed, studies compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirm a correlation between drinking more water and lower heart disease rates.
A new water filter, ZeroWater (£ 24 ). 99), there are five-
Step filters claiming to remove \"almost all\" traces of dissolved solids such as mercury, lead and fluoride.
It says it can even turn wine into normal water. it works).
ZeroWater and its kettle include a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter, so you can test the claim yourself.
But the quantity and composition of dissolved solids in tap water are different.
The relatively high TDS reading may be due to the fact that you live in hard water and not any potential \"bad\" signs.
In other words, there is no way to know how much of the dissolved substance removed is harmful, how much is harmless, or even beneficial.
The TDS reading of a bottle of mineral water will be quite high.
However, these minerals are one of its selling points.
Evian TDS 357 mg per liter, including 78 mg of calcium and 24 mg of magnesium.
Linia Patel of the British diet Association said that this kind of thing is more about trends than there is a clear benefit to health.
It\'s worth asking, \"Why is it a good thing to drink bottled water that contains these minerals, but so --and-
So remove all possible minerals with a filter?
But what\'s more terrible is
Substances like lead?
In fact, according to the Drinking Water Inspectorate, lead has almost been eliminated from our main water pipes.
As for the chlorine used as a disinfectant, the amount of residue does exist in order to maintain the removal of microorganisms by water.
A lot of this is a irritating substance, but Sue panison, chief inspector of diffusion-weighted imaging, says the remaining amount is safe to drink.
The main problem is that many people don\'t like the taste of chlorine leaves.
Some filters, such as bottles sold by Black Blum (from £ 19 ).
95), \"active\" charcoal containing chlorine extracted from water to improve taste.
While these will work, Linia Patel says, you can put water in a regular kettle in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours.
\"Chlorine is a gas that will dissipate itself for a given period of time,\" Su pennyson added . \".
Neither the water company nor the filter manufacturers know if they can effectively remove some substances.
Micro plastic fiber.
These European drinking water samples were found in a study published last year by Orb Media.
The concern is that these substances may dissolve chemicals that can destroy our hormonal system.
\"Our processing system was established to remove very small particles in the water, but we do recognize that [microplastics] may be an area where there is not much evidence or research, sue pennyson said we are debugging some due to public concern.
In some cases, the use of a water filter can be harmful to health.
The ZeroWater filter claims to remove fluoride completely, but as Professor Damien Walmsley, scientific advisor to the British Dental Association, explains: regular drinking of filtered water may mean that people miss the [added] fluorine to protect their teeth from decay.
There are also potential health risks.
Sue pennyson warned that one of the drawbacks of the filters is to keep them.
If you don\'t do that, they themselves become a danger because the filter will mold, break down and inject the material into the water.
Dr. Marshall suggested that, as directed by the manufacturer, \"unmaintained filters have a detrimental effect on water quality \".
Black recommended by Blum
After three months, activate the charcoal by cooking for ten minutes and then post-process the charcoal for three months.
It is recommended not to put more than one day of water in the bottle, because if it leaves for a long time, mold spores will form.
The manufacturer also notes: \"charcoal removes chlorine from drinking water, so you may notice that [the Mold] is formed faster than normally.
\"All of a sudden, ordinary old tap water doesn\'t seem to be that bad.
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