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Daily maintenance of water purifier filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-23
Many users who use water purifiers will encounter such a problem. After the water purifier has been used for a period of time, the purified water becomes less and less. Since the activated carbon and other adsorbent materials used in the filter element of the water purifier have a certain capacity, the small purified water equipment will no longer be effective when the adsorbed dissolved organic matter and other harmful substances are saturated. It is normal for the filter element of the water purifier to be blocked. When the filter element is blocked and the water output becomes smaller, the filter element should be replaced. The replacement frequency of household replacement filter elements is different for each household according to the water consumption, raw water quality and the selected model. Generally, families with better water quality need to replace or clean the filter element every 3 months. Therefore, the application of pp cotton filter element should be strictly in accordance with the time recommended in the manual or for half a year, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution, which will not only be unable to purify but harmful to the body. Don't let your water purifier age prematurely, just service or replace it regularly. 1. First use: Before using the water purifier for the first time, the following steps should be strictly followed, otherwise it will affect the performance of the water purifier and the water quality in the early stage. Before the first use, the water purifier should be rinsed to flush out the protective liquid in the water purifier. The methods are as follows: 1. Open the tap, tap water inlet ball valve, and purification tap, and rinse for 15 minutes until the water is clear and free of foam. until. Frequent opening and closing of the tap (off for 3 seconds and on for 10 seconds) during the flushing process will make the water flow form a pulsating impact, which will make the flushing effect better. 2. Close the sewage faucet, turn on the purified water faucet, and the water can be used normally after 5 minutes. 2. Daily use: 1. Regular flushing: in the process of daily use of the tap to draw water, that is, the water purifier is flushed. It is recommended to open the tap to rinse after taking purified water, and flush the trapped pollutants in time. Go, keep the water purifier high water flux, thereby extending the service life. 2. Backwash to restore water production: If the water purifier has a relatively small water production after flushing, you can consider backwashing the water purifier. 3. Precautions for using the water purifier: 1. After the water purifier is used, the ultrafiltration membrane filter element should be kept in a moist state. If the ultrafiltration membrane element dries out, the water production will drop dramatically and cannot be recovered. 2. Do not use the water purifier for more than three days. When using it again, the water purifier should be rinsed for 2-5 minutes repeatedly until the water in the water purifier is drained. 3. In the case of no running water, please open the sewage faucet first to drain the sediment and rust in the water pipe, and then open the purification faucet to use purified water. 4. The total water production of the water purifier is related to the influent quality of the water purifier. If the influent quality of the water purifier is good, the total water production will increase. The filter life will be slightly shorter. 5. When the water purifier is used, the water purifier should be rinsed frequently, which can effectively prolong the service life of the water purifier. 6. If the water purifier is used for a long time, its water production will gradually decrease, but the water quality is still qualified and can be used with confidence. 7. When the water purifier fails, please close the tap water inlet valve immediately, cut off the water inlet of the water purifier, and do not disassemble it by yourself.
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