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Demineralized water equipment installation techniques

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Softened water equipment, also known as water softener, regular for automatic control, also known as the fully automatic water softener, if need to use a case or continuous water we adopt a double valve double tank, if the water softener regeneration process, do not need continuous water supply, one is the single valve can be tank.
water softener is widely used, have used for boiler make-up water, chemical ingredients, food, textile, printing and dyeing water circulating cooling water supplies and so on. Many users found that began effluent is also good, use after a period of time and the hardness, regeneration after there appeared will appear this kind of fluctuation, the following to call you a way to overcome this phenomenon.
water softener has time control and flow control, if it is a time control, you can set the regeneration after a short time, found that the water quality to harden, recording time, we can according to the time to set up a water softener work time, if it is a flow type, so as long as the record run much traffic, and then set the flow rate.
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