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Demineralized water equipment selection necessary knowledge

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
1. Demineralized water system using range
soft water equipment is used for which system? Heating, cooling, filling water, process water, steam boiler, steel smelting industry, chemical pharmaceutical industry? Different is different to the requirement of equipment industry, implementation of standards is different also.
2。 Demineralized water equipment system time
system in the use of water time namely, running time, water use, average, peak hours. Equipment need continuous water supply? If need to choose the double bed set point or double with double bed series, otherwise the optional single single pot series.
3。 Total hardness
water water water are municipal tap water, groundwater and surface water sources, using raw water total hardness of the region. For a certain type of softener raw water hardness is high, the periodic output amount of fabricated water from its bound to decrease relatively, resulting in frequent soft water equipment regeneration. Relative to reduce the service life of the resin. To avoid such situation, we should increase the volume of resin, which means to choose more models of demineralized water equipment.
4。 Water cycle system Settings
after softening water equipment model set, according to the raw water hardness, work exchange capacity of the resin used can determine the periodic output amount of fabricated water from the theory of
. 5. Demineralized water equipment control type choose
1) 。 Manual type: this is a standard way of traditional, mainly downstream, no roof pressure reverse flow in two forms;
2) 。 Domestic combined automatic type: in the early 1990 s, the domestic emerged a modular integrated valve as the core of the new equipment;
3) 。 Imported full automatic type: this type of equipment has developed quite perfect, household specifications from 0. 2 t/h to industrial use about 70 t/h to have 4. Discrete valve automatic type: reduce operation labor intensity, reduce the equipment cost.
6, softened water equipment selection parameter table ( Can be adjusted according to actual condition)
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