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by:Lvyuan      2021-01-21
Even through desalination water treatment equipment will be into drinkable water desalination, water treatment equipment is the core part of the reverse osmosis, desalination technology has been used to provide drinking water, now the world's biggest water desalination plants in the desert kingdom of the united Arab emirates (uae), Barcelona, Spain on the outskirts of new husband Ian leggatt desalination plants on a day produces 200 million litres of water supply of 4. 5 million local residents, in this case the factory can effectively provide clean water, why didn't get a more general application? Use of reverse osmosis desalination need forcing saline through a layer of thin film, thin film make concentrated brine left, let the water flow through, but this process requires a vast amounts of energy, and the high cost of water treatment equipment, water treatment maintenance and use of cost is high, and water treatment equipment are in need of plant construction cost is also very big, now scientists are working on low water treatment method, believe in the near future, we through the new water treatment technology, low-power low consumption, water treatment equipment cost is reduced, water desalination can be extended to many places, alleviate human drinking water problems.
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