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Detailed explanation of the parameters of PP pleated filter element

by:Lvyuan      2022-06-26
The PP pleated filter element is a membrane pleated filter element with a membrane as the core. After the material of the filter membrane is determined, the polypropylene non-woven fabric (net) is divided into a guide layer and a support. After folding, it is inserted into the central tube and placed in the shell. Adhesive-free hot-melt welding technology is adopted, and a complete integrated filter element is formed by melting and sealing, which does not contain chemical contaminants. The product is subject to 100% integrity testing. Endotoxin ≤ 0.25EV/ml meets the US Pharmacopeia (VSP) standard. The folded structure of the PP pleated filter element has a large filtering area, low initial pressure difference, fast flow rate, small filter volume and low cost. Because the pre-filtration and final filtration are combined into one, the filter element has a large dirt-holding capacity. The service life is longer than that of a single pore size filter element. A single pure polypropylene material, easy to judge its chemical compatibility. However, in addition to the above advantages, the PP pleated filter also has a small working pressure (generally it cannot exceed 0.3 Mpa, if the pressure exceeds the pressure, the pores will expand), and the solid is easy to filter. Especially when the working temperature is greater than 60 °C, the recoil effect is not ideal. Wait for the disadvantage. Common specifications: 5' 10' 20' 30' 40: PH1-13, pharmaceutical, food, beverage terminal filtration. Absolute filtration accuracy: 0.1 0.11 0.45 0.65um. This kind of PP pleated filter element is a double-layer polypropylene material folded structure, and its inner layer is (PP, PTFE, PES three kinds of medium A), is the final filter layer, the outer layer adopts the non-woven fabric with the pore size as the coarse filter layer, which plays the role of pre-filtration, and the inner and outer brackets are polypropylene or stainless steel material; therefore, the filter element is a combination of pre-filtration and final filtration. Two is one. The filtration precision of the filter element is 0.10, 0.22, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1, 3, and 5. Eight apertures can also be selected according to different requirements of users.
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