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Development of double purification function of activated carbon filter

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-29
The activated carbon filter element of household purified water equipment is made of activated carbon particles and a binder heated and sintered. The innermost layer of the filter element of reverse osmosis pure water equipment is polypropylene skeleton, which is used to strengthen the compressive strength of the filter element. The skeleton is covered with two layers of polypropylene microfiber felt, which can intercept the liquid passing through the carbon core and bring out particles larger than 10 microns. The outer layer of the carbon core is covered with two layers of polypropylene microfiber felt, which can intercept particles larger than 10-20 microns in the liquid, so that the filter element has dual functions of filtration and purification. The outermost layer is a white plastic mesh sleeve, which makes the filter element have a complete appearance and a neat appearance. Both ends of the filter element are equipped with soft nitrile rubber end caps, so that the filter element has a good sealing performance after being loaded into the filter cartridge. The finished activated carbon filter element is tightly sealed with plastic film to prevent the filter element from being polluted and keep the filter element in a fresh state. Activated carbon filter element is made of high-quality nutshell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade adhesives, using high-tech technology and processed by special technology. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception, and catalysis. It can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effect of decolorization and odor removal. Sintered activated carbon filter technology is an ideal new generation product in the liquid and air purification industry. Activated carbon filter has good adsorption, can effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, color and organic matter in water. Activated carbon filter element features Activated carbon filter element is a real deep structure with dual functions of filtration and purification. The filter element has a nominal filter accuracy of 10 microns. There is no need to add filter aids or filter after carbon treatment. Each activated carbon filter contains 160 grams of plant sulfur-free activated carbon particles. It is used for the purification of electroplating solution, because the filter element will not precipitate fibers or other substances, which will cause pinholes or brittleness of the plating layer. Activated carbon filter element technical indicators Compressive strength: 0.4Mps Use temperature: 52℃ Rated flow rate: ≤300L/h (referring to the flow rate of filtered water per 250mm long filter element) Size: outer diameter 65mm inner diameter 30mm Length: 130+2mm 250+2mm ( 254) 500+2mm(508) 750+2mm(762) 1000+2(1016) Specifications: Specific surface area: 800~1000㎡/g; Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate: 50~60%; Benzene adsorption capacity: 20 ~25%; Ash water content: ≤3.5%; Iodine adsorption value: ≥800~1000mg/g; Methylene blue adsorption value: 14~16ml/g. Model Specifications Model: CTO-W (white head sintered activated carbon filter element) - 10 (length 10 ') CTO-B (black head with skeleton sintered activated carbon filter element) - 10 (length 10 ') UDF (granular activated carbon filter element) - 10 ( Length 10″) Specifications: (special specifications can be customized) Uses: Activated carbon filter cartridges are suitable for purification of process water and solutions in semiconductor, electronic devices, printed circuit boards, electroplating industry, food and beverage industry and other sectors. It is suitable for the following industries : 1. Electronics and electric power industry: pure water, gas, electroplating liquid, printing line plate, etc. 2. Chemical industry, petrochemical industry: solvent, coating, magnetic slurry, detergent, liquid wax, etc. 3. Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry : Hospital water, pharmaceutical injections, Chinese liquids, etc. 4. Food industry: food, beverages, drinking water, alcohol, etc.
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