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Development prospects of household water purifiers in the future market

by:Lvyuan      2022-05-25
In recent years, domestic news about water pollution has appeared frequently in the newspapers. Many urban families focus on improving the water quality by themselves. The granular activated carbon filter element installs water purification equipment in the kitchen at home to completely solve the problem of drinking water safety. Water dispensers with bottled pure water have become more common in citizens' families. Nowadays, many urban families are popular to place water purifiers in their rooms to transform and upgrade tap water into more assured healthy water. Since the beginning of spring this year, domestic household water purifiers have been popular all the way to usher in a small spring. Among them, the market demand for water purifiers has skyrocketed throughout the country, and some cities with rear activated carbon filters have been out of stock. As citizens pay more and more attention to drinking water health, the era of rigid demand for household water purifiers is quietly coming. Tap water becomes small and fresh Tap water in many cities in China is easily subject to secondary pollution when it passes through aging pipelines and high-pressure water tanks and other transportation links. Common pollutants in tap water in some cities include large particles of impurities such as sediment and rust, residual chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds. And removing these impurities is a piece of cake for some household water purifiers. For example, the water purifier can effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, Escherichia coli and other harmful bacteria, heavy metals and 53 kinds of volatile organic compounds in raw water, and reduce the turbidity of raw water. Retain the spirituality of drinking water Household water purifiers have been popular in foreign countries for many years, and there are many foreign brands in the domestic market. For example, the purified water must be able to retain the minerals in the tap water, in order to retain the spirituality of the drinking water and be beneficial to the health of the drinker. Studies have shown that there is a clear link between water hardness and the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and the ideal water hardness is 170 mg/L. There was also an association between total soluble solids (TDS) and heart disease mortality, with higher TDS associated with lower heart disease rates. At the same time, weakly alkaline water is more beneficial to human health and can effectively reduce the risk of death from cancer. In addition, when using household water purifiers, attention should be paid to preventing secondary pollution. In order to prevent bacteria from multiplying in the filtered water, the filtered water supply pipeline and water storage should not be too long, and the filtered water should have certain antibacterial protection. During the filter element replacement process, prevent contaminants from entering the pipeline. The water flow rate of the water purifier can be selected according to the number of households and drinking habits. The water output speed is based on the ability to meet the drinking and cooking needs of the whole family, so that the purified water is more flexible and healthy. Tips: How to choose a home water purifier 1. Authoritative certification guarantee: domestic brands need to have MOH China wading product approval; European and American imported products also need US NSF certification. These authoritative certification materials ensure that the product you buy is genuine. 2. Filtration performance: At least 95% efficient removal rate for particulate impurities, heavy metals, residual chlorine, bacteria and volatile substances. 3. Regularly replace the filter element: any water purification equipment has its service period, beyond this period, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the filter element should be replaced in time according to the type of water purifier. Water purifier products with filter replacement reminder function can better ensure healthy drinking water for families.
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