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Dh extend the service life of filter element

by:Lvyuan      2021-01-22
Dh extend the service life of filter element

dh filter maintenance is very important in practical application, so how to extend the service life of dh filter? Because dh filter will use pollutants filtering effect to jam significantly decreased, when the filter is blocked filter, by dh filter filtrate is less, so to guarantee the normal flow of filtrate, just in time to deal with regularly, blocked dh filter impurities under normal circumstances, if when the plug hole reaches a value, the jam very quickly, at this point, the differential pressure across the dh filter rise very fast. So, the appropriate regular cleaning can also extend the service life of dh filter.

dh filter before use should check to see if there is any breakage phenomenon, because in transportation due to some external extrusion can cause dh filter external damage, in the process of installation, try not to damage the dh filter, prevent knock against phenomenon to appear. If use after a period of time, the filtrate circulation, will be removed for cleaning, serious when can consider more bad dh filter. In brief, for the maintenance of dh filter, try to be regular cleaning, this must be indispensable steps, according to the using situation, must be appropriate replacement dh filter, has reached the update filter function.
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